You want to see the good, bad, and ugly bits of the sweater? Pile of pictures here for you. Kinda short on the ugly bits, but what can ya do.

A rather boring picture of the sweater laid out. This page does get more interesting someday.

Faceless bloggers creep me out. See, I have a face.

A pretty decent picture of both me and the sweater. Miracle!

And another... because I really don't know what pictures y'all will find useful.

The neck and one shoulder. Holding my arm out like this weirded up the neck a bit.

A delightful mirror shot of the back of the sweater. Yeah, looks pretty much like the front.

In-progress picture- after one sleeve was done and sewn on but the neck untouched. Camera held in my left hand to snag this.

This is a single sleeve... that's all.

Show's over, go home. Nothing more to see here.