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FO: Alpine Knit Scarf

Pattern from “Victorian Lace Today”
Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Fino from Yarns Ewenique in Fort Worth
Needles: 3mm
Start: Jan 2008
Finish: December 2011

Clearly I had issues blocking again. I used fishing line tied to a frame in hopes of having straight sides but it’s been so long since I blocked anything that I forgot how to do it right!!

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Fruitcake lives!

The fruitcake is still happily living in the Dallas area, though rarely knitting. Lack of transportation hinders the fruitcake from hanging out with other yarn freaks, though she often pines for a good SnB. The primary project on the needles for the past two years is a massive wool blanket based on a Knitting Fairy pattern. Useful. If you want a fruitcake, catch her at gmail – fruitcakeknits @ Clever.

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summer re-emergence

I suspect this blog is little more than an announcement that I am still alive, with an occasional “I finished something!” post. So, yeah, I’m still alive, and I finished something else. It’s been over a month since I bound off, but it was not until this week that I blocked it. I had to scroll back to find what exactly I’ve been knitting.

So, “Doretta” from “Danish Lace Treasures”. Thread is 44/2 linen from WEBS which I bought eons ago; needles are my beloved 1.5mm Addis. They are bent to perfectly conform to my hand and have much of the coating worn off from use. I don’t even know anymore how long it took to finish this, but for as long as I am in college, pretending to be a speedy knitter would fool nobody.

I did not even attempt to pin out every point on the edging, because with any luck, this doily will be in use on a table somewhere before the weekend is over.

The peculiar phenomena wherein the knitter sees every flaw in the work while most outsiders see only a beautiful piece of knitting has always puzzled me. Only a few utterly obsessed knitophiles are capable of looking at another’s knitting and seeing the same flaws. I have reached the point of shirking of knitting that I now see my knitting as somebody else does. I don’t see most of my flaws anymore. Sometimes I look at my lace and think “wow, I made that?”, not remembering when I used to think that it was simple. This is perhaps one of the benefits of doing a billion other things besides knitting – my old FOs still amuse me.

As for other knitting, I have too many UFOs to list. I started another doily because they fit so nicely in my backpack. I am attempting doily with spiral again, hoping not to turn it into another doilybag. The doilybag is currently in use holding the Alpine Lace Shawl as I slowly work on that. I have reached the point of “oh crap, I actually have to decide what size to make it”… stay tuned to see if I ever answer that question.

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