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Mystery Shawls #1 and #2

Mystery Shawl #1:

Yarn: Lion Fisherman’s Wool, Kool-Aid and icing dyed various flavours/colours.
Pattern: From the dank recesses of my mind… the lace pattern comes from Interweave Knits Fall 2001 – “Lattice Lace” in the pattern “Irish Mist”. The shawl was started by casting on 260-something stitches at the top and decreasing each RS edge all the way down.

Started & finished in about four days in the middle of October ’04.

Mystery Shawl #2:

(it looks a lot better- not so lopsided- in real life!)

Yarn: Lion fisherman’s Wool, Kool-Aid dyed tropical punch.
Pattern: Again, from the dank recesses of my mind. The shawl started at the very bottom, increased by two stitches each row. The lace pattern is so spectacularly boring because it was made up on the fly.

Knit December ’04.

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