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Intarsia Cthulhu

Attack of the Intarsia: Have You Gone Stark Raving Loony???
(Or, you know, Hello Cthulhu, if you want a lame name.)

What can I say – it’s Cthulhu. The chart came from a cross stitch site. I failed to properly account for the difference in stitch sizes, so when blocking him I pin him to the size he wants to be width-wise and then stretch him vertically to match. Not ideal, but not bad for a first time.

Start date: 18 March 2005
Finish date: 6 April 2005
Knit in #10 crochet cotton

In-progress pic 2 days in
In-progress pic 8 days in
In-progress pic Apr 2


Picture taken a year later; washed and reblocked him after hanging on my wall all that time. I rather prefer the older non-macro picture.

Gourd, I gotta do some insane intarsia again…

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