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Group knitting binge

This week, as the title suggests, I went on a group knitting binge. I visited the Dallas Hand Knitters Guild on Tuesday, a small SnB on Wednesday, and went to the DFW Fiber Fest yesterday. Got into a bit of trouble at the Fiber Fest:

There’s a third finger puppet that’s already found a new home; these two probably won’t stay with me for much longer. Also somewhere in the background is a shawl pin… and that fluff.

The red ball is wool; the two grey-brown blobs are alpaca. Someday, when I have motivation, I’m making a dread-hat. I’m not denying that this sounds really weird, but I’m going to sew my severed dreads onto a hat. But to make it nicely dramatic, I wanted some extra fluff to round it out… and that red wool seems perfect for the task.

I really have no excuse for buying the alpaca, other than “it was soft.” I don’t spin, I don’t felt… I suppose I could knit it unspun for a super-soft hat or scarf or monster that lives under the bed… or I could use it for thrums for a obscenely warm and cuddly hat… or I could wait for any of the three knitters who still read this to give me suggestions.

As can be expected, there were lots of yarn freaks at the Fiber Fest. One booth was passing out nametags that let people announce their ravelry name; some of the bloggers could be easily spotted by looking for the people with the cameras. I can’t remember half the ravelry folks & bloggers who were around, but their presence was definitely know. It was a lot of fun to play stealth-monkee; a few people didn’t recognize me without the multicolored hair. They had to see my lace… and then they made the connection. And, best of all, somebody let me untangle some sock yarn for her. I’m easily amused.

Meanwhile, whatever I blogged about last is still a WIP. I did manage a quick hat, though:

I have no idea what the yarn is – “orange and fluffy and on my floor” is the best I can do. The pattern is whatever I felt like knitting; it started with a 5-stitch garter strip, picked stitches up from there, and then went wild. The green stripe is knit in; I tried to duplicate stitch another green stripe, got bored, and pulled it out. Past that, don’t really remember how I knit it. Some knitblogger I am, eh?

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yarn binge

Last post I said I would have partial yarn pr0n… only partial. See, lately I’ve gone on a bit of a yarn binge. Not even going into what I bought on the trip (a lot)… this past week in Dallas has been pretty bad.

The main culprit: The Woolie Ewe. Those vile temptresses. They had their annual end-of-year sale last Saturday. Everybody who arrived before 8am recieved a 50% stamp on their hand, good all day. The logical response would be to arrive at 7.30am, yes? Not so much. The earliest I could get there on the bus would have been after 8am. (Saturday bus schedules suck.) I didn’t particularly feel like walking 4 miles to get to the store. And since I hadn’t been in Dallas for three weeks, I was out of touch with my yarnie pals who would drive me over. So, being a stupid college student, I decided to take the last bus there – at 10pm – and camp out overnight. The temperature was around the low 30’s.

So I slept in front of the store for a few hours, periodically waking up to wonder if there were thugs or police in the area to make the time pass more quickly. Around 2am, I was too cold to get back to sleep, so I walked around and tried to knit while shivering for a little while. After I’d warmed up a bit, sleep won out. About 3am, Tasha and Liz showed up! Hooray! After determining that I was not actually a homeless bum, they invited me into their warm car. I wasn’t freezing for about an hour – then the other cars arrived… and we claimed our place at the front of the line. Before the store opened at 5am, at least 40 insane knitters were standing there. The line snaked around the side of the building, so I couldn’t count past that.

Right before the store opened, the Ewe placed out some grab bags – assorted yarns stuffed into a bag that was priced $5 or $10. There was no mass chaos, grabbing and shoving to get the desired grab bags – but I wouldn’t have been surprised if there were. These were my downfall, as I picked up two massive bags of R2 paper. I really have no clue what to do with the yarn, but I came away with this pile of yarn – that’s 22 balls, half of them white – for $10. But the best portion of the sale was not the grab bags – it was the 50% off everything. I’m not going to show how much trouble I got into. I finally succumbed to the temptation of the eye candy of “Victorian Lace Today”, bought even more laceweight, and… well, the shopping bags that the Ewe gave out were giant white trash bags. That’s the level of purchasing that most people there did.

It took a few days to recover from the madness that was the Ewe’s sale. Then I took the train out west to Fort Worth and went hunting for yarn shops. I’ve been to a lot of the shops in Fort Worth before – my first week in Dallas, some friends spirited me away on a yarn crawl – but I didn’t know how to get there without a car. The first stop was Jennings Street Yarn, which was a very brief walk away from the train station. I escaped with only this…

… and a few patterns, and another needle that I might have already had. Oops. My next stop was Yarns Ewenique. Unfortunately, I am not as good at getting on the correct bus as I’d like to think I am, and ended up going east instead of west. It was an interesting tour of Fort Worth, though! Eventually I found the correct bus and went a-yarning. Though I’ve only been there twice, YE is probably my second favorite shop in the Metroplex. What I bought there will wait for the next post, as it’s already a WIP. And with those two shops my FW yarn adventure ended, because I had to account for the likelihood of me taking the wrong bus in my timetable for catching the train home again.

Then, as if the yarn binge weren’t bad enough – I’m not listing most of it because of the sheer volume of yarn – yesterday I went back to the Ewe to see how they had recovered from the sale. This was a horrible mistake. In the clearance section was one of the grab bags I’d seen on Saturday – how it survived the day without being bought is beyond me. The contents, all spread out:

That’s 7 balls of Mondial Spot (50% wool/50% acrylic, 53m per 50g ball, calls for 5.5mm needles) in orange-ey.
4 balls of Gedifra Donatella (80% wool, 20% polyamid, 65m per 50g ball) in one color, 3 in another, and 2 in a third color.
And the random balls – one ball of Lana Gatto Chimera, one ball of Katia Bolero, one ball of Katia Sonrisa, and one ball of Muench Dynasty. And guess how much this whole bag cost? $5. For the whole bag. That’s any combo meal at any fast food place.

Then Jill started to show me some of the other amazing bags left from the sale. I resisted most of them, but something about that Mondial Spot kept calling to me. I picked out two bags – the orange is the same dye lot as the 7 random balls in the first grab bag. The other is a purpley-pink. I didn’t remember if 900 yards of a heavy yarn like that (4 sts/in?) would be enough to make anything for me, hence the second bag. The two colors, together, are very “7 year old girl” to me. This kinda works for me. Each of those bags was $10. Definitely a good end to an exciting week of yarning. So the question is… who wants to come to Dallas for the Ewe’s sale next year?

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I guess I’m back.

The semester is over. Maybe now that I have knitting time again, I can update more frequently than every other week. My last final was on Monday; now I have nothing to do but knit, watch TV, and hang out with friends. But for how long? Because we live in apartments, not traditional dorm-style university housing, we don’t get kicked out of the dorms and sent home – we can stay on campus all winter break long. I have no idea when I’ll get done here and want to go home… having high-speed internet is so nice… so until then, KNITTING. Hopefully I can get back to small and frequent updates, if my brain can remember how to do them, but for now… way too much yarn pr0n.

A month or two ago I bought a couple cones of ColourMartUK silk and utterly failed to blog about it. It’s pretty. It’s shiny. It’s freakin’ tiny. No size comparison given because it makes minds explode.

Okay, so it’s not that bad. Think any normal laceweight, but silky. I’ll probably aim for 2.5mm needles for it if I ever find a suitable project.

Today brought quite a bit more yarnage thanks to Mary Mary, who came up to Dallas just to see me. (well, maybe not, but that’s for her blog, not mine.) She brought me the remnants of her destashing –

close-up of the green stuff-

And what’s truly useful to a college student – some storage thingies! specifically, hanging closet thingies! orange and red thingies! This is the tidiest my room has been since a week after I moved in! No more random piles of plastic bags and pillowcases and extra blankets! yarn is now neat and tidy and visible, not split into four different boxes in five different corners of the room, tucked out of sight in piles beneath things! Makes it apparently just how much yarn I have with me… maybe not a good idea! Heh… thanks again, Mary Mary!

(Note on “thingies”: this semester fried what few brains I have. Vocabulary is hard. But hey, I have a GPA that I can shamelessly brag about until somebody shoots me in the forehead. Whee!)

Mary (Mary) & I went to Yarn & Stitches, where the shinies in the dollar bin sucked me in. (but just wait until you see her loot.) Last time the clearance section was my downfall, and it seems that I haven’t gotten any stronger since then.

I also accidentally bought a couple balls of sale sock yarn. A few years ago, I tried Regia 6-Ply and failed to get an entire sock out of a ball. Let’s try this one again – two balls in one colour and then that sock. Whatever happens will be ugly. But why do I need to knit socks when I have these furry slippers to keep my feet warm?

Actual knitting content: the garden shawl grows. I’m almost finished with the first set of charts, whatever that means.

If you look on the picture, you’ll see that there are 10 flowers running down each corner – I’ve just finished the 5th. Of course that means I’m halfway through the shawl, right?

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