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FO – Tiger Swallowtail Shawl (flutterbye!)

Pattern – Tiger Swallowtail Shawl

Yarn – one hank of ‘s merino lace in colour “I know Polarg told me just the other night what it was but it plumb slipped my mind already.” She sent me two as a birthday gift; I would’ve had to break into the second if I chose to do the full crochet edging. The pattern calls for an edging around the other two – erm, four sides that matches the cast off along the top edge, but looking at the picture I felt that the crochet overpowered the delicate border created in the pattern. When I had only about three yards of yarn left after casting off the top edge… a sign from the deities, it must be!

Needles – 3.5mm

Time to knit – I’d guess I could do it in two weeks if I applied myself. It took three weeks from casting on to the crochet bind off, but in that time I also did two Rogue sleeves and half of the body.

The pattern called for DK weight cotton and 4.5mm needles; I used laceweight wool and 3.5mm needles. Even with this change, it came out to be the same size as the pattern says! I don’t think the butterfly pops out quite as much as it did in the model , but I’d still much rather have a laceweight wool shawl than a heavy cotton creature.

First off, blocking on Brotherling’s bed. For whatever reason, this time the thread through all the sides wasn’t much help in blocking. Perhaps because the sides didn’t have definite points as the Spirit of the Southwest shawl did? Doesn’t explain why the top edge was so finicky, though… anyway. Behold.

Apparently it is flat-out impossible to shrink the image to a size that won’t weird out my blog but still keep sufficent detail… so….

Full size flutterbye (1600×990, 445kb)

Some of you troublemakers commented when I finished the Spirit of the Southwest shawl that I should’ve posted pictures of me modeling it. Well… uhh… the point is the pattern, not the person! You can’t really see the knitting when I’m trying to wear it with flair and juggle the self timer and all that – and just when I get a good picture of the knitting, I have the most goofiest expression ever imaginable. A few examples –

Plumb forgot to set the self-timer … and when it works, the shadows of the branches of the tree behind obscure the lace! Go out front to where I took the Kepler pictures – those came out okay, didn’t they? And end up with light issues… too muchnot enough. Urgh.
(Helen, please consider all the tush shots to be your birthday present.) Then I realise… y’all don’t want a picture of me modeling the shawl… you just want a picture of me, maybe with the shawl somewhere near. Fine.

Though a slightly goofy expression, it is not the most goofiest expresion ever imaginable. Whew.

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Flamingohog day

Plumb talked myself out last post… time for an actual knitting update. Tiger Swallowtail Shawl keeps growing and growing… around 280 stitches per row now. Pink-ish flamingo provided for scale. Pink flamingos still have one size, right? As some of y’all may remember, back in the summer I tried using green army guys for scale – once – C so alertly noted that green army guys come in multiple sizes. So much for that idea. But a pink flamingo – that’ll do. Anyway. Flutterbye!

Row 227 of 265… getting close! And a few of y’all were asking about Rogue… I’m 40-something rows into the body…

Body inconveniently not spread out to show what it actually looks like or arranged to see the cables because the needles for the pocket are weirding things out a bit. But hey, cat! Decent picture coming after the pocket is all stuck on properly and that extra needle is out of the way….

*cough* WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP New Survivor starts tonight!


And here it is at row 165… click to make the picture big and useful….

My biggest problem so far has been me writing the wrong number on the chart – where there’s more than about 6 knits or purls in a row I write that number on the chart before I start the row so I don’t have to pause and recount mid-row. Of course, writing the wrong number and wondering why the stitches don’t match is worse than just pausing mid-row in the first place. Funny how that works. But other than user errors like that, it’s a good pattern – I mean, it’s a big massive chart. Not much room for non-knitter errors.

Closer shot of the… whatevers. The chart has just the one symbol for the sl2k1p2ssos, but I keep telling myself that it looks a bit better with some k3togs and sssks tossed in.

In other news, sticking to a single project twice in a row is apparently beyond me – something else has been cast on… will ramble about it next time.

(See, I’m using WordPress 2 now and the blog didn’t explode! I think I completely killed my polls, though. Gotta fix that.)

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