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You’d think I’d have a witty post title by now, but nope.

Rogue – guess where the grafting was.

Lest ye be overly awed by my mad grafting skillz… the seam is apparent when you look closely. Now don’t you be using your macro on my Rogue when I’m wearing it, you hear? The cables came out okay too. Not perfect, but not hideous. And now that Rogue is a length that I’ll actually wear… it’ll be abandoned in a drawer for a couple of months.

Everything except the computer is packed and ready to go. There’s all the food and kitchen stuff, with about 2 months’ worth of ramen, and a good supply of both real dishes and disposable. (watch me destroy the planet, one paper plate at a time!) There’s useful stuff like the bed, bookshelf, mattress, and boxes of Other Useful Things. The yarn is lurking in there too, mainly in the clear box with the green lid but also a bit in the pillowcases, keeping the sheets and towels company. Somewhere in there is also my vast collection of TV shows on DVD and all the things you’re about to remind me to bring. No, really, it’s in there. (Or on my list to buy once there.)

Then there’s the clothes. When I had things split among the closet, dresser, clean laundry needing to be put away, and dirty laundry, it didn’t really look like all that much. Now with everything except what I am wearing right now all in one spot, it looks… scary. I paw through and wonder, do I really wear all of these? Or will I likely wear them in the next two months? I keep answering “Yeah” or “Sure, why not”. Not much help, rodent. Oh well – if it all fits in the car, I can see what I’ll use with any frequency and then give the rest to the nearest thrift shop.

Actual knitting content – the green doily. Since it’s raining again today, making roof shots rather difficult (Oh how you will miss the roof shots!) , I have yesterday’s exciting “banished to the backseat with a doily and a camera” shot… hi leg!

We’re going by the Clear Lake SnB (which we used to frequent before Laura, who I am not, started a group closer) tonight to have a wild party and say farewell and/or good riddance to whoever still goes there. Bright and early tomorrow morning we’ll be on the road. Who knows what all will happen? I sure don’t.

I am not Laura.

I am not Laura. I was born a decade and a half too late and halfway across the country. I have never attempted to smuggle a lobster to Iowa. I have never posed as a student for a textbook picture.

I am not Laura. I neither mostly match the length listed in patterns nor have the presense of mind to alter the length at that point in the pattern.

What on earth am I babbling about? Rogue. The length. I finished Rogue many many moons ago and utterly failed to blog about it for a variety of reasons, one of them being that I was not completely happy with the length. As I was knitting it I thought about lengthening but didn’t.

It’s Rogue, I told myself – everybody loves Rogue and they all look great. Trust the pattern. If you want it longer, just try to agressively block it. What if you make it too long? You might run out of yarn and then have to slice it open, frog, and graft. No. Trust the pattern.

I finished Rogue, and the length did match the pattern. Just not me. Longer! I wanted it longer! And then within just a few weeks, it was too warm to wear Rogue – so it was tossed aside for a while.

A few weeks ago while attempting to tidy my room, I stumbled across Rogue again. I tried it on to remind myself what I wanted to do to it. I eyeballed where I wanted the hem to land and, uh, wrote on the leg of my jeans with a Sharpie. (I am not Laura.) I held my hands where I wanted the pocket to be and compared that to where the pocket actually was. As near as I could tell, I needed to add about 4″(10cm) above the pocket. Oh boy. Toss it aside again.

So Tuesday night at the SnB, I reached the point in the blue doily where I started the crochet bind off… and since I can’t crochet without looking, I needed a new port-a-project. Re-enter Rogue. Wednesday night, I took a pair of scissors to it.

GUTS OOZING OUT! Not so bad, eh? I put the needles on a couple of circs and split Rogue into Roguelets. The lower portion, with the pocket and all, that was to be my new port-a-project. I figured it would last me several days of running around town/car knitting. What I failed to account for was the baseball game last night. Right before leaving for the game, I finished the first row, returning all the stitches to the same needle on which it was already knit. I grabbed one of my four remaining balls of yarn (100m) and was off. I ran out of yarn in the 7th inning. Now there’s good planning.

After the game, I picked up a few of the big “souvenir” cups that were left around. They’re fun cups, you know – BIG and baseball-ey – and pretty much all I use. Our current lot is getting old and worn, and Mom wouldn’t let me abscond with them all… so I figured I’d need a bunch just for ME, plus a couple fresh for Mom. It started out innocently enough. Mine and Dad’s… a couple more left by the people sitting to my right… and a couple the row ahead of us… six is a humble amount. But the crowd was so dense, we couldn’t get out of the row anyway. I left the small stack next to Dad and wandered down a couple of rows, just to see the sights. No cups. Then I hit the mother lode. All within two rows, a dozen of them. Traffic having cleared a bit by then, I picked them up and returned to where Dad was sitting. Then a couple more cups were left right next to the aisle… and… well… this is what we brought home.

But back to the knitting. I am not Laura. I didn’t swatch to see if my tension is still the same as it was when I first knit Rogue. I just leapt in. The older section has been washed, blocked, worn, and washed again; the stitches have had five months to get to know each other and all cosy with each other. The newest addition…

I think it’ll be fine with time. But what if it’s not? What if there’s still a barely-visible line, either from a different tension in the center band or from a yet-undone craptastic grafting job? (While I will attempt to do a better job of grafting than I usually do, I am not Laura. These things happen.) Well… if it is still noticable by November when I can finally wear it again and if somebody mentions it, do I have the story for them.

Let me remind y’all again. I am not Laura. Now Laura, she has things like row counters. I don’t have one. They have been in my possesion before but they invariably end up in Stuff Baskets or sent away to people who would actually use them. Not being Laura, I did not even pretend to count rows as I was knitting through the baseball game. Sometimes I would look down and decide it was time to cable; how it ended up is, as they say, close enough for government work.

I think I cabled at the right point ONCE. No, wait, since both sides match – it was supposed to be twisted more frequently at that point, yes? Or maybe they’re the infamous Mistake Cables. What, you got a problem with the cables on the side? LOOK AT THE HOOD. The hood is Super Awesome. Don’t besmirch my side cables when the hood is done right! Just don’t look at the three needle bind off. I’m not Laura, you know.

Now Rogue looks something like this –

Lo and behold, the one ball of yarn got me 3.75″. Close enough to what I wanted to add and since I have scraps of yarn sufficent for grafting, I won’t molest another ball of yarn. Is this a terrible idea, considering that once already I didn’t add sufficient length? Let’s find out. Laura would already know, though.

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Flamingohog day

Plumb talked myself out last post… time for an actual knitting update. Tiger Swallowtail Shawl keeps growing and growing… around 280 stitches per row now. Pink-ish flamingo provided for scale. Pink flamingos still have one size, right? As some of y’all may remember, back in the summer I tried using green army guys for scale – once – C so alertly noted that green army guys come in multiple sizes. So much for that idea. But a pink flamingo – that’ll do. Anyway. Flutterbye!

Row 227 of 265… getting close! And a few of y’all were asking about Rogue… I’m 40-something rows into the body…

Body inconveniently not spread out to show what it actually looks like or arranged to see the cables because the needles for the pocket are weirding things out a bit. But hey, cat! Decent picture coming after the pocket is all stuck on properly and that extra needle is out of the way….

*cough* WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP New Survivor starts tonight!

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