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the alpine lace shawl returns….

Once again, I find myself utterly bored in class. Classmates around me are doodling, or wandering facebook, or playing video games, or watching videos on youtube, or drooling over dresses, or listening to their ipods, or … wow, there’s somebody down there who’s actually taking notes. College students amaze me every day.

But, knowing I would be pathetically bored in class at least once this week, I took pictures of the Alpine Lace Shawl over the weekend so I would have something to blog.

It’s a very uneventful piece of knitting. Nothing too complex to mention. Um, and I turned the heel on my sockses, which will be the subject of the next post.

In other news, one topic that has come up repeatedly in recent weeks is changing identity. For the past two years, I’ve been the girl with weird hair. Specifically, for over a year, I’ve been known as the girl with multicolored dreadlocks. And as I randomly pull out my knitting among people who didn’t know I was a yarn freak, I see them very confused. They put me in the category of dirty hippie, weirdo, but not so weird as to be completely seperated from the rest of campus; the last person they expect to be involved in a domestic activity, much less be good at it. And it’s not just knitting. One person who I thought knew me pretty well was shocked to find out that I actually care about my grades, because I spend so much time on campus activities and just don’t look like a geek. For a variety of reasons, I’m shaving my head at the end of the week – no more wild multicolored dreds. Then I’ll be the bald girl for a while. (Think I need to make myself another Hallowig?) Then, once I look normal (aside from the piercings) again, who will people think I am?

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saturdays are for knitting!

I’ve made a resolution that this semester, to ensure some amount of time off to relax and knit, that I will do no schoolwork on Saturdays. It doesn’t matter how many tests are the next week – I will not care about school on Saturdays. Other campus involvements create a minor loophole to the concept of taking time off on Saturdays; it’s not technically school, right? But Saturdays are somehow mostly a vacation day now. This makes them the perfect time to fix the errors in knitting done throughout the week.

The Alpine Lace Shawl (from Victorian Lace Today) was going along pretty well until this week. I’ve been knitting in class because my classes have so much discussion this semester, and really, I am not going to take notes on what the opinionated jerk sitting two rows behind me is pulling out of his keister. But at some point I managed to bork up and do this:

Near as I can tell, I confused row 7 with row 3 of the chart. This, by itself, is not a bad thing, considering that rows 3 and 7 are identical. However, rows 4 and 8 are not identical. And there was the problem. Unfortunately, I did not notice this mistake until about 18 rows later. Not being one to pull out perfectly innocent stitches, I dropped down the errant stitches and proceeded to make a mess:

Lather, rinse, and repeat for the other side of the shawl. And now it looks right, even if the picture doesn’t:

To prevent this sort of stupidity from happening again, I typed up the chart and put it in the same file as all of my class notes. No more of this “I think I remember what to do next…” silliness… digging around in my backpack for the pattern would have drawn too much attention to the fact that I was knitting in class. As much as I enjoy the irony of knitting through “Psychology of Gender”, I don’t feel like being the topic of class discussion.

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FO-Garden Shawl

I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago and have already mailed it to its new home. And now I’m blogging in class to try to finally catch up. Yarn is lace, pattern is Garden Shawl by fiddlesticks. Knit on 3.5mm needles.

Here it is unblocked; blocked to as big as the space I had clear on my floor. (About 60″ across.) If I had more room on my floor, I could have blocked it to be larger, but I didn’t want to move furniture. (It’s not laziness, it’s having other priorities!)

(click to embiggen)

The pattern was pretty easy. The edging was annoying. I’m sure there’s more to say about the shawl but it sounds like class is getting interesting so I should start paying attention again.

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