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It is green!

It’s strange. Seems like everything I’ve been knitting for the past few days has been… green.

green… green… green… ORANGE!
Yeah. One of these days Pi Are Square will have enough progress on it to warrant a decent picture… the other three are new. If you think you see cables on the Mrs. Stranger yarn, it’s only a vicious rumour. The important thing in the picture is the socks….

Yep… two completely seperate socks on a single set of double-pointed needles. The oft-threatened stunt knitting has finally been started – Knitpicks Wool of the Andes dyed last Tuesday. So far it’s been pretty straightfoward – only three times I’ve had to rip back a row because I knit the wrong sock with the wrong yarn. (Right sock, wrong yarn?) Slow going, though, double-checking every new needle that I’m using the right yarn for each sock, then peeking up the bloomers to triple-check… I think there was a single-check sometime before the double-check and triple-check, but just what it was is beyond me.

To answer the question asked by the last weirdo who found my blog through completely non-knitting related Google searches –
No, no snow in Houston for 2005. Really. The forecast the magic voodoo people on the radio mentioned earlier said Christmas will have a high of 70F. No snow. Now go away or check a real website instead of poking me.

To whoever googled “making fruitcakes shiny”… wrap it in aluminium foil. Seriously.

And to whoever googled “ugly hedgehogs”… GO AWAY!

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ugly hedgehogseseses

About halfway through 81st round 82nd round K.2, P.1, K.1, all around on the doily I thought to myself… Rodent, you must be joking. It looks great in the picture but is an absolute pain to knit- so far, the only way I’ve found to keep the second yarnover from falling off the needle after knitting the first yarnover is to use/abuse the Norwegian Purl. I think it’s trying to drive me crazy. Rather than be bested by a doily which will be finished less than 3000 stitches from now… I turned the ball of Bernat Disco into three ugly hedgehogs.

Yarn – Bernat Disco in Mr Brown, Red Heart Super Saver in 0336 Warm Brown, and Wal-Mart Mainstays Petroyarn in 1040 True Black. *shudder*
Pattern – Blue’s Hedgehog.
Needles – 3mm – 4mm needles. Varied by hedgehog.

Each hedgehog came out to be a different size – used 4mm needles for #1, then 3mm needles for #2, then 4mm needles + more stitches for #3. I am also apparently a bit impaired when it comes to knitting a square. Really.

Hedgehogs, being nocturnal little beasties, wouldn’t let me photograph them until it was nearly dark out. At first they were shy….

Then they came out a bit…

And then they lined up neatly.

Each has a different personality/contorted face, thanks to my lack of ability to sew on decent hedgehog faces. But when I lob them at unsuspecting people… does the face matter? All that matters is the ball of shiny eyelash yarn in midair.

Not that I’d throw hedgehogs at people.

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This is magic. I whinge about the cold weather and start knitting something to prevent further handsicles. What happens? Warms back up to the 80’s. Guess I should complain more often, no?

Helen’s mittens are pretty. They look like mittens. Do a google image search for mittens and you see all these mittenish creations. My mittens don’t look like mittens. They’re like steamrolled mittens, all long and narrow. My hands aren’t that strange, really. Are they?

Finished the first mitten yesterday…

and found out…

Dubya-tee-freakin’-eff. It’s stockinette in the round. How do you purl a stitch?
I double-knit the thumb, too, as I did with the cuff as shown in the last picture – far easier than futzing with a dozen stitches across three or four needles. Unfortunately, all the bring-the-yarn-to-the-front-slip-a-stitch dancing tripped me up… it’s a feature!

I didn’t do a similar feature on the thumb of the second mitten – instead I made a mistake in grafting, and have a lone purl along the top of the mitten. Close enough for cowboy work. Had to break into the second hank of Malabrigo from Roxy to finish up the second mitten – so one hank will make a nice starfish hat and a 1.5 mittens. This means something.

I tried my best to finish the mittens before it was dark. But of course I finish them half an hour too late… and then how do you take pictures showing two mittens? Finding good places to use the self-timer in this house is laughable… where to go but outside the house.

grumblemutter helen couldn’t figure out what i was wearing – this is the first attempt at the picture. i love my cactus dress! really!

The second pattern on this page is what I followed for the thumb bits. The thumb came out great – I like the thumb, except for that silly purled stitch – and it’s nice and thumb-like! I pretty much ignored the pattern for the rest of the hand, though, and just knit it to match my hand… is there some reason why so many mittens are pointy at the end? Do people have pointy fingers?

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