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FO-Garden Shawl

I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago and have already mailed it to its new home. And now I’m blogging in class to try to finally catch up. Yarn is lace, pattern is Garden Shawl by fiddlesticks. Knit on 3.5mm needles.

Here it is unblocked; blocked to as big as the space I had clear on my floor. (About 60″ across.) If I had more room on my floor, I could have blocked it to be larger, but I didn’t want to move furniture. (It’s not laziness, it’s having other priorities!)

(click to embiggen)

The pattern was pretty easy. The edging was annoying. I’m sure there’s more to say about the shawl but it sounds like class is getting interesting so I should start paying attention again.

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now for the WIPs

Well, classes start next week, so I suppose I’m about to disappear into oblivion again. I hope I remember the knitting world more this year, but the excitement and ridiculous of campus life tends to take over.

I can smell the end of the Garden Shawl – so close! I’m about to start the final side…

To make the edging easier to work, I slipped all of the stitches from the body of the shawl onto a smaller needle. My working needle only has the edging and a few repeat’s worth of body stitches at any time. When I reach the end of the repeat and free a stitch marker, I put it on the opposite end of the working needle and slip another seven stitches from the holding needle to mark another repeat. That way, I always know what row I’m at based on how many stitches are left before the next marker.

The annoying thing about edgings, however, is how boring they get after doing the same repeat more than twenty times. I’ve done this same 12-row repeat about 100 times by now.

And rather than picking up something from this jumble, well… when I was at Yarns Ewenique I picked up some alpaca/silk laceweight. And I kept petting it for most of the 3-hour trip home. So once I got home, I found my 3.5mm Addis (the same I used for Madli’s shawl so many moons ago… must reblock and take new pictures of that shawl… easily distracted much?) and cast on for the Alpine Lace Scarf from Victorian Lace Today. I’m only a few rows into it, but I’m loving this pattern already – simple enough that I don’t have to look at the pattern for most rows, but interesting enough to knit that I actually want to pick it up.

I only had to look at two other FOs to know that I wanted to knit this one. I don’t want to keep it, but I want to knit it. Oh, on that topic… I need to have another FO giveaway, unloading a few shawls and scarves that aren’t being properly appreciated in my closet. Any suggestions for concepts for the giveaway?

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