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Almost-done doily…

The next time this doily is seen should be in an FO post. However, the next time this doily is seen will probably be several months from now. I’m almost at the point which is known as the “Incredibly Boring I Hate This Part” part. Also known as, knit five rounds plain, with 624 per round. This seems simple, but it is so incredibly boring that I rarely get through more than 100 stitches at a time. And let’s not even think about the crochet edging yet….

This is “Doretta” from “Danish Lace Treasures”; for the most part, the pattern has been simple. Something wacky went on about halfway through the pattern, though, involving crossed stitches and a lot of knitting in back loops and other random thread tricks. I had no idea what was going on but just followed the pattern… and at some point I managed to mess up. In some places, the crossed stitches make a diagonal line across the fabric; in other places, the crossed stitches stack upon themselves to make a vertical line. This picture doesn’t show it as clearly as I’d like; I’ll wait until it’s off the needles and blocked to further inspect this.

The picture in “Danish Lace Treasures” is too small for me to see which way it was supposed to be. I hope that it all looks like it was meant to happen that way once finished. If it doesn’t, well, it’s a doily – you put stuff on it. It’s annoying to have messed it up a bit, but it’s definitely not worth frogging.

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True in-class blogging

I am not paying attention to Research Methods today and, instead of knitting through class as usual, I took a picture of my sockses. The Alpine Lace Shawl, sad to say, takes too much brainage to be able to knit in class, so I started the socks in hopes of finding a better option. That, and Ariel rubbed off onto me a little bit when I was staying with her.

These are the Country Girl Socks from Heartstrings; yarn is Regia Cotton Surf that I bought from LittleKnits who knows how long.

I do not have my doily in class, but I have this slightly blurry picture that I took a few weeks ago. It’s not much different now. I’m about 10 rounds away from finishing and I have absolutely no clue how many stitches there are per round. I’m just tired of the 1.5mm needles.

And that’s all I have for the speed-blogging in class. Let me out of here!

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Doily! doily doily doily!

Yesterday I biked over to Yarn & Stitches, maybe 15-20 minutes away, where I met the Knitting Fairy and finished the doily! Behold the pathetically unblocked doily! Behold the spectacularly blocked doily!

pattern – “Janet” from Danish Lace Treasures
thread – #30 dmc
needles – 1.5mm

Y&S had a lot of yarns on sale; I didn’t even look at the 25% off shelves because I got myself into too much trouble at the $1 bins and the bookshelf of $2.50 yarns. Yeah, trouble. I did the “random oddballs with no purpose” thing again. I really don’t know what I’ll do with them, but they were a dollar… and I’m sure I’ll find something, if I find time to knit.

Two balls of Tahki New Tweed in two different colours….
a single ball of Fortissima Cotton Colori….

And a couple more random half-mangled balls.

Then the splurge that might actually have a purpose, if it weren’t in two different colours.

It’s a very soft merino – so cuddly and yum – and each ball has 180 meters, so I’m sure I can come up with something tasty for it.

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