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Hmm… let’s see if I can remember to update my blog BEFORE Stargate this week… as much fun as an 11.38 PM update was… not this time. :staff:

Y’all may have noticed that I have a new banner…. you know how those critters are. Mom’s been encouraging them too much with the treats she sets out by the back door. Today I saw a bunch of silly little flitty birds, flying off before I could take a picture; three were too slow.

First was the blue jay…

Then came these two silly birds, whatever flavour they are….

And my favourite… the squirrel.

The squirrel told me that he was a bird and he has as much claim to the birdseed as the bird do. I’m not so sure I believe him, but who am I to argue with a squirrel?

In knitting news… I cast on something new. Hey, if I can’t finish something this week, may as well start something!

Whaddaya mean, you can’t tell nothin’ from that off-colour (teeheehee) picture? Look, yarn barf (the rest of the ball is on the chair) and yarn and needle and dirty dish! Oh well. Maybe I’ll have enough knit on it by next week to be able to show what it is.

So. No errant bits of coding or php spewing out at odd places for any of y’all? You’d have me believe I upgraded WordPress sucessfully? Wow.

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How many times have I posted pictures of the same squirrel?

Three? Four? Five? Thirty-eight? However many it’s been, add one more…

We really do have birds eating the birdseed. I’ve seen them. I’ve tried to take pictures. They flick their beaks around and flap their wings and flit about… squirrels are nice. They stay still long enough to take a picture.

The other day Frinkey was whinging to me about how she’s never shown on this blog. Well, she never stays still for pictures either. I went digging for pictures of her and came up with one of my favourite pictures that I’ve taken. This one is three years old, from when she could still fit in doll clothes.

In knitting news… hmm. I’ve been flitting between the doilybag and the Kimono Shawl and neither really show any progress.

For lack of actual knitting content… I present you… scary ways people are using Google (and other search engines) to find me, collected over the past week. Nothing near as nice as Joeli … she always gets the best searches – sex and porn and boobies and hairy legs.
(oh, NOW I’m going to get it…)

the monkee’s names
Doesn’t everybody know this? David Thomas Jones, George Michael Dolenz, Robert Michael Nesmith, and Peter Halsten Thorkelson. Oy.
(Oh, and the first site that google turned up for that is high on the awesome scale. )

Lacy crochet lacy sweater
Redundant much?

“SAT scores” famous
Heh heh heh… I’m famous. I’ve actually been getting quite a few hits off my SAT scores – seems as if not many high schoolers post their scores to their blogs. Wonder why.

Knit pattern leopard print
Right. Not gonna happen.

“red sox” sock knitting pattern
EWWWWWWWWW. I feel dirty!! Look in the sidebar – links to ASTROS blogs! Get a clue, Google! Unclean, unclean!

Pacific Northwest Shawl
This is not an uncommon search – but someone in France? Man, I need to post more French jokes… and Canadian jokes… and best of all, jokes about French Canadians.

subversive sense
Got me there. *beams*

sponge bob knitting patterns
Them French weirdos are at it again….

These next few defy description.

Fruitcake packages
big ego
fun recipe cat (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
pictures of gardenia bushes
Never Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel
ninja knitting
“Nice tush”
pictures of Sneezy
Stills and Nash UFO picture 3

I do not dislike Okies or the French or Canadians and I especially do not dislike French Canadians. They are all quite nice people. Besides, people who insult others based on their location are a whiney bunch whose own home is the pathetic place; they are deluded into thinking that putting down other locations somehow makes their home seem better. What’s more, Texas is clearly the bestest place on earth. I don’t need to knock somewhere else to make this obvious. I rib because I love. (Some of us have odd ways of showing affection, you know.)

Now people from Arkansas… that’s another story.

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FO: ‘Egeblad’ doily

Pattern: Egeblad
Yarn: plain Wal-Mart #10 crochet cotton
Start Date: 17 July ’05
Finish Date: 21 July ’05

A few rounds from the end, I knew I definitely did not have enough thread to follow the pattern as written. So I knit 20 stitches for a couple rows, bound off as the pattern described, measured out how much thread that took, compared that to how much thread was left… and figured that if I did the last few rows as written, I wouldn’t have enough thread to bind off even 100 stitches. The last round had 360 stitches. Whoops. So instead of chaining 8 between thingies, I did 4 or 5… and somehow that saved enough thread to bind off the whole doily. I had about a foot of thread left at the very end. (Really, I didn’t think I’d planned that well.)

Okay, so you can see in the pictures that the crochet edging is not as even as it could be. I’d like to blame that on the pinning as much as on the crocheting. Finished size is about 20″ across.

The lovely model is Dad’s car with Coco gracing the side. She’s not very photogenic… a blob of black fur. (I do have a couple good pictures of her somewhere… I’ll hunt them down and post them next time.)

I know that sideways pictures of lace are pretty useless, but they amuse me. Amusing a rodent is worth a 16k image. (Better than arson, you know.)

note to self: things in dark yarns do not blog well. only use photogenic yarns.

Last time I posted a picture of a racoon, I received a comment that a person loathes racoons and nearabouts shrieked when she saw my blog that day. Sorry about that.


If you detest racoons, avert your eyes.

If you can’t bear to see a racoon out and prancing around, do not scroll down.

If you hate seeing a loose racoon pawing around in a bucket of cat food, leave now.

Okay? Good now?

This was just outside of our back door a couple of evenings ago. That bench is not eight feet from the back door. The bucket has the food for Coco, which was brought out a bit earlier and left out because nobody suspected that a coon would walk up, pry off the lid, and paw around in it! Not making that mistake again.

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