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The doily bug has bit again

What I love about knitting doilies is how portable they are – they’re never too large for my purse or bookbag – and most patterns are fairly repetitive, making them easy to pick up at any time.

So here’s the start of Pafuglehale, or the Peacock’s Tail doily. Pattern is from Kunststrik and translations by Yarnover. Long-time readers, or short-time readers who poke around on my sidebar, should recognize many of their patterns – these are beautiful designs and easy to follow. 22 rows in, the baby doily appears! 1.5mm needles (US #000), thread is 44/2 wetspin Irish linen from WEBS that I also used for Alita, Mommes Lysedug, and another little doily.

pafuglehale 1

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