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another semester ends, time for another yarn adventure

So, next weekend I’m going to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Other stops on the trip include Philadelphia and Chicago, with random adventures throughout. I wonder if I remember how to travel with only my backpack, or if my list of “necessities” has grown too large again.

In a very jerky transition between topics, my socks are getting large too.

Cell phone included not for scale but out of pure absentmindedness.

The entertaining thing about knitting around non-yarn-freaks is the inevitable question… so, will those socks fit? In response, I pull on the socks, which is a peculiar sight when they are still on the needles. And more than a little awkward, since my feet are stuck together. It’s fun to try to hop around on them though.

Since the socks are so close to the toe, I can’t bring them for absent-minded knitting… unless I’d like some too-long socks. So the shawl keeps growing.

Hopefully, this shawl will get a lot of attention over the next week… it is my knitting of choice for the trip.

Randomly, the doily which I cast on while waiting for my flight to Providence last December? Still not finished. All I have left is the crochet edging, but what fun is that?

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