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As if the knitting faeries were taunting me for threatening to abandon them in favor of being a good student, I have had a couple of things go annoying wrong in my knitting. Both of these problems were easily fixed, but nonetheless annoying.

I started a doily while waiting for my flight to New England, and knit on in throughout the trip. For all of the distractions I had (mainly weird people on various buses), I didn’t mess it up… until I got back to Dallas. Somehow I did this:

A leaf that should have been nicely finished ended up going weird. The problem was only about four rows down, but fixing mistakes in tiny linen thread on 1.5mm (US 000) needles is not my idea of a good time.

Meanwhile, the Garden Shawl has displeased me. I have another ball of HPY lace, but it’s just plain annoying to be this close to finishing:

and to have to break out the next ball. It’s five edging repeats away from the end. Each 12-row repeat takes me about 10 minutes. To have to pause that close to the end to find the other ball and all that… annoying!

So much for that bit of complaining. With any hopes, the next post will be the FO post for the Garden Shawl… if I can move enough random stuff off my floor to be able to block it.

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