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That was a very yarn-ey adventure.

I have just emerged from a two-week long wandering throughout the east coast. The adventure started on Wednesday the 12th, flying to Providence, Rhode Island, and visiting a yarn shop named “Fresh Purls”. Then came Boston, several more yarn shops, Webs, New York City and five or six more yarn shops, Baltimore and “A Good Yarn”, and finally a ridiculously long and smelly bus ride to Houston.

Actually the bus ride wasn’t smelly, just the Greyhound stations.

Full yarn pr0n will have to wait until I am back home in Dallas with my own computer and with the box(es) of yarn I already sent home… In Providence I bought some yarn that I have already sent back to Dallas. I’m pretty sure it was hand-dyed sock yarn, but I will have to wait until I see it again to know for sure what it was. (Sad but true.) Similarly, Ariel gave me some very pretty things from her stash, but right now they are sitting in my mailbox at school.

Oh yes. While I was in Boston, I stayed with Ariel, who is an amazing hostess and showed me a very yarn-ey time. I have lost track of how many yarn shops we visited, even though she has told me a couple of times, and, you know, I was there when we went to yarn shops.

The Big Day was when we went out to WEBS with a couple other knitty-freaks. Knowing that my trip was just beginning and I still needed to buy textbooks for next semester made WEBS a particular piece of excitement for me, trying to resist this display. (I managed to resist it.) We met up with several more knittyheads over there, including the delightful marymac. On the way back to Boston, we met with Raeknits for dinner. Please note the white stuff in the background of this photograph evidence of knittyhead meetings.

Once weather permitted, I hopped a bus from Boston to New York City. One night I met up with Valerie at The Point, who gave me directions on how to find plenty of other yarn shops.

My last day in NYC, I went to a lot of yarn shops. (It was a bit of yarn overload.) I made it to Purl, Habu, School Products, Knitty City, and Yarntopia. I was in a bus that went past The Yarn Company, but it was closed at the time and I didn’t make it back there that day. Even more yarn-ing would have occurred if not for me going back to the hostel I was staying at and napping. Apparently I’m not cut out for New York City life. I like sleep.

At Knitty City, I noticed a vaguely familiar purple dress. I joked with the yarnies there about how crazy somebody must’ve been to knit an entire dress.

By my last day in NYC, I was finally understanding that everything in the northeast is tiny. My Texas-scaled mind had nearly gotten me lost several times, walking past tiny streets that looked more impressive on the map and staying on a bus too long because I didn’t really think we could already be where I was going. On my first day up north, in Providence, I ended up half the way to Pawtucket – which apparently is no longer in the city of Providence. That was fun. For a good time, just compare maps of Dallas and any northeastern city.

After leaving NYC I headed south to Baltimore. I took a tour of the USS Constellation, which is a very old boat that used to do useful things.

One day I took a bus to the northern suburbs to meet a friend; that evening I took the light rail as far south as it went to meet Roxy. We had a delightful dinner, and she showered more yarn and treasures upon me. Altogether, I met at least 9 knittyheads, two friends from other corners of the internet, and an uncle who I haven’t seen in more than a decade.

My last day in Baltimore, I walked over to A Good Yarn, which indeed was a good yarn shop. They had a small selection and extremely friendly staff. I was there as they were stapling together their lists of classes for the next year, and was impressed that they had one of their weekly classes devoted to preparing for the MD Sheep & Wool festival. I managed to escape the yarn shop with only a skein of hand-dyed silk. Of course I don’t have a picture of that, but do have one of the outside of the shop.

After Baltimore, I took a Greyhound bus (actually, several busses) from there to Houston. I have too many picture of Greyhound signs saying “Welcome to (city)”. At Mobile, I took a bus that ran to local stops between there and New Orleans – meaning that we took the coast road along Biloxi and Gulfport.

At some point in the trip, I finished the Queen of Hearts shawl. Full FO details to come eventually. Here’s the ratty blocking picture, tails not yet hidden:

The next yarn-ey adventure will be Friday night/Saturday morning, as I camp out in front of the Woolie Ewe, eagerly awaiting their end-of-year sale. More details on that after it actually happens.

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