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Randomness #1 – I saw this sign posted in the library and nearabouts fell over. Hooray for the first image that turns up when you do Google image search for “monkee”.

The guitarist shown on the poster on the left was super awesome, by the way.

Randomness #2 – Laura – a giant Central Market is a 10 minute bike ride away. I know you’re jealous.

Randomness #3 – the golfers are still hilarious.

Knitting news. For my new project, I wanted something that had a very clear pattern to show what it was. “It’ll be a doily” is a remarkably ineffective explanation among teenagers. I pawed around in my stash and found the pattern for the Queen of Hearts shawl. Yarn of choice is the Jojoland Melody I bought back in June at the Ewe. Here’s a heart… or maybe half a dozen heartses!

In braining news, life goes on. Next week is a history test that’s 25% of the grade… who knew that they could call them “midterms” when they’re a month and a half in, not in the middle? Glad they’re spread out, really. Won’t get the score on last week’s reading quiz for a while.
The human guts test was not difficult other than the cell innards which I apparently did not review sufficiently.
The intro to sociology test was graded over the weekend. I scored 50/54. Four of the questions did not count. This means I managed to get a 100 on the test. Spiffy, eh.
Other amusing Real Life stuff has been happening, but the human guts books are calling to me….

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