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Doily! doily doily doily!

Yesterday I biked over to Yarn & Stitches, maybe 15-20 minutes away, where I met the Knitting Fairy and finished the doily! Behold the pathetically unblocked doily! Behold the spectacularly blocked doily!

pattern – “Janet” from Danish Lace Treasures
thread – #30 dmc
needles – 1.5mm

Y&S had a lot of yarns on sale; I didn’t even look at the 25% off shelves because I got myself into too much trouble at the $1 bins and the bookshelf of $2.50 yarns. Yeah, trouble. I did the “random oddballs with no purpose” thing again. I really don’t know what I’ll do with them, but they were a dollar… and I’m sure I’ll find something, if I find time to knit.

Two balls of Tahki New Tweed in two different colours….
a single ball of Fortissima Cotton Colori….

And a couple more random half-mangled balls.

Then the splurge that might actually have a purpose, if it weren’t in two different colours.

It’s a very soft merino – so cuddly and yum – and each ball has 180 meters, so I’m sure I can come up with something tasty for it.

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