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Okay, let me get the knitting update out of the way first.

See, doily. I think I have less than half a dozen rounds left, but I haven’t touched the doily in a few days… may be misremembering. The double yarnovers, contrary to their normal behaviour, are not trying to leap out of the knitting and kill me. Odd, that.

In other news. This post should have enough pictures to keep you entertained for about a week.

Monday night I got meself another t-shirt. It’s been in the bottom of the laundry basket for a few days, so it does not look too swooft – and let’s not mention the smell…. the front is fairly plain and the back exists too. You know, I don’t even want to find out what happened in the laundry basket. And all I had to do to get this one was show up at the SUAAB general meeting and eat their food and sign up to help with some of the events around here!

Tuesday night was an Inventor’s Day Egg Drop contest. A lot of people came out to see if they could create something that would help an egg survive a drop.

At the end of the first round, I caught a few of the participants standing around. Guy on the left is tweaking his egg-saver so it can survive a two-story fall. Guy in the middle is telling the girl about his, and guy on the right is just amazed that his survived the first drop. Fun times. The winning contraption (the one on the left in the last picture) sported school colours – no wonder it won. The second place object harnessed the power of the pyramid… with rubber bands! Not everybody fared so well in the egg drop contest. Behold the carnage!

In other news, our apartment is finally getting decorated to the point where it looks like people live here. This is what you see when you walk in the door. Hiding behind Delilah… yes, the monkey that April sent last year is proudly hanging on our wall! A few more things have been added since those pictures, but they are still under construction… stay tuned.

In other other news, our mailbox has been fascinating lately. Judging by the diversity in the mail still arriving here, I have no idea how the last people to live here ever got along. Thankfully, the mail actually addressed to current residents has proven decent. Val sent a magical book of knitting patterns –

And Helen sent this batch of goodies , including a passel of magnets, a giant jar of Marmite, and the same shirt that April sent in the box with the monkey.

Thursday night, SUAAB and Meteor Theater (their website is… slightly… out of date) were able to snag the giant auditorium (room capacity – 505 – giant!) for a showing of “The Godfather”. See, sign! The total turnout was almost 150, which is apparently really good for an event that runs until 1AM on a weekday morning. Again I had the opportunity to loiter and occasionally help out with stuff.

The look on students’ faces when you remind them that the movie and snacks are free (but Dr. Pepper is 50 cents a can) is priceless. The way they descend upon the snack table can be disturbing. The appearance of the room when all is finished is flat-out disgusting. I found a lintipop! How it turned from “lollipop in mouth” to “lollipop on floor covered in Crud”, I don’t even want to know. Half-eaten chocolate bars, dozens of cans of soda (not all empty), Reeses wrappers, and an entire pack of Skittles were also scattered across the floor. Somebody even left his wallet. Ah, the great glamour that comes with entertaining the students. Or entertaining myself.

Today we recieved this letter. Though addressed to all four of us, somehow I suspect that I am the only one who shall treasure it.

And that’s all the news.

Well, that, and I bought a bike. Behold its blackness:

That it is the same brand as Columbo’s car makes me happy. I have the odd urge to carry hard-boiled eggs in my pockets now.

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