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Greetings from Richardson

And just that quick, I’m here and settled in and have a few minutes to blog. So much has happened in the past couple of days, I have no idea where to begin… so I’ll just jump in. There was a bit of paperwork/finding out which way was up/how not to get run over by the locals when we arrived, but otherwise I’ve been free to wander since late yesterday afternoon. A couple of WallyWorld runs, but mostly acting sociable and not killing people and all that rot. So many ThinkGeek t-shirts. I love this place. Walked from hither and yon and back to hither again, watched people playing pool in the student union, wandered the bookstore, and other excitement.

Now that I am no longer stuck on dial-up, I shall flood y’all with pictures that will make the dial-up people cry. Muahahahaha.

My new home.

Okay, so my apartment isn’t actually visible in that picture. I’m in the building furthest to the right, conveniently out of the picture. Out my window I have a beautiful view of the garbage compactor, more apartments, and the main road that runs west of the school. Outside of our porch, though….

Yes, we have a spectacular view of the golf course. Earlier I watched a very bad golfer pick his ball out of the edge of that ditch/water trap.

And here’s our mail center –

My room is suffering from a severe case of gravity – that is, everything is still on the floor, not on the shelves yet. Window/edge of closet ; more of closet/bed. The green dino guy, my knitty tote bag, Delilah, and the scary lace hat from “A Gathering of Lace” are all lurking in that shot. I probably should be finishing my room instead of sitting here in the living room with Delilah, but… eh, no excuse. I needed to tell all my faithful readers that I am here and happy. Yeah, that’s it.

Random interjection #1, just for Zib. Downstairs and to the right of the apartment is a parking lot; this is scratched in the side of the wheelchair ramp.

Random interjection #2. Apparently, one of the roads around here is the president himself. YES! It’s True! Would a Wal-Mart reciept lie to you? The road itself (it’s back there somewhere) doesn’t look much like him, but what do I know. I’m new here.

Random interjection #3. Our tap water tastes awful. According to many of the locals on LSSK, the tap water is usually better but because of the drought lately it’s been pretty bad. Thankfully, one roomie had the presence of mind to bring a little water filter to attach to the faucet.

Random interjection #4. Some interweb friends from LSSK are spiriting me away for the evening. (If you’re one of them, see you soon!) I still haven’t decided if I’m doing the yarn crawl.

Random interjection #5. Comet Camp runs from Friday morning until Sunday at noon… will have that exciting update next week.

Random interjection #6. The doily grows. Round 59 now!

Random interjection #7. There is no #7.

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