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You’d think I’d have a witty post title by now, but nope.

Rogue – guess where the grafting was.

Lest ye be overly awed by my mad grafting skillz… the seam is apparent when you look closely. Now don’t you be using your macro on my Rogue when I’m wearing it, you hear? The cables came out okay too. Not perfect, but not hideous. And now that Rogue is a length that I’ll actually wear… it’ll be abandoned in a drawer for a couple of months.

Everything except the computer is packed and ready to go. There’s all the food and kitchen stuff, with about 2 months’ worth of ramen, and a good supply of both real dishes and disposable. (watch me destroy the planet, one paper plate at a time!) There’s useful stuff like the bed, bookshelf, mattress, and boxes of Other Useful Things. The yarn is lurking in there too, mainly in the clear box with the green lid but also a bit in the pillowcases, keeping the sheets and towels company. Somewhere in there is also my vast collection of TV shows on DVD and all the things you’re about to remind me to bring. No, really, it’s in there. (Or on my list to buy once there.)

Then there’s the clothes. When I had things split among the closet, dresser, clean laundry needing to be put away, and dirty laundry, it didn’t really look like all that much. Now with everything except what I am wearing right now all in one spot, it looks… scary. I paw through and wonder, do I really wear all of these? Or will I likely wear them in the next two months? I keep answering “Yeah” or “Sure, why not”. Not much help, rodent. Oh well – if it all fits in the car, I can see what I’ll use with any frequency and then give the rest to the nearest thrift shop.

Actual knitting content – the green doily. Since it’s raining again today, making roof shots rather difficult (Oh how you will miss the roof shots!) , I have yesterday’s exciting “banished to the backseat with a doily and a camera” shot… hi leg!

We’re going by the Clear Lake SnB (which we used to frequent before Laura, who I am not, started a group closer) tonight to have a wild party and say farewell and/or good riddance to whoever still goes there. Bright and early tomorrow morning we’ll be on the road. Who knows what all will happen? I sure don’t.


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