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which of you chat ruffians were teasing me for frequent lawn mowing?

On this post, please note that the blanket is mostly flat. Good rodent mowed the lawn a couple days earlier. But bad rodent has been shirking the lawn mowing because she keeps doing silly things like trying to find the floor in her room or trying to find the kitchen table or finishing the IKEA furniture (mmm, paint fumes….) or trying to find her floor again because it was suddenly covered by stuff that was on the bookshelf which was so violently ripped from her room for the purpose of prettifying to take with her or just lazing about in front of the computer. Anyway. This is what happens when the blanket is laid out on tall grass-

But y’all’ve seen the blanket mostly flat a jillion times. The start of the next side, which looks just like the other two sides except that I had to pick up stitches for it…

A closer shot of the corners would have been useful but was sadly overlooked thanks to the mosquitos finding where I was taking pictures. But, uh, there’s this gory close-up of the backside where the stitches were picked up if you’re interested. (And you know you are.)

In other news #1 – the doily with the green thread shown at the bottom of that post is the one I’ve started – I’m at round 28 of 98 now. Currently at 160 sts per round; will finish at 456 sts. It should end up just barely smaller than the blue doily, but with that slightly different shape shown, who knows.

In other news #2- Some Metroplexians I know are planning a Fort Worth yarn crawl on the 10th. I have nothing else officially going on the 10th. (The final orientation session is on the 9th and 10th; having been all disoriented back in June, no reason to hang around.) This is a Very Big Problem. So tempting. Would I want to ditch my new uni pals for the day to wander off with internet friends for parts unknown? But… yarrrrrrrn.

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