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A package of treasures to start off the month!

Okay, so it arrived yesterday, but I didn’t dig in until late in the day. Silly things like pawing through the books that arrived and all that distracted me… my algebra book makes me very happy and very sad. I already know most of the stuff in it… I’d hoped to get something new and mind-blowing. Oh well, I’ll find some non-math means to blow my mind. On to the treasures!

Gundel sent me this amazing care package –

Yarn for MonkeeMom, licorice candies, laceweight silk, a CD, and an Addi!

Closer shot of the yarn; click for even bigger.

Then there’s the CD with powerful cute cover art and the licorice candy; I haven’t dug into either yet.

The silk –

It will definitely go the way of its cousins and become a doily. Fate, ya know.

And… the Addi. read what the package says… 300 cm.

This needle is 1.31 Yao Mings.
1.75 monkeemavens.
18 milk jugs.
Over two dozen soda cans.
As many CD cases.
You get the point.

It is the longest knitting needle I have ever laid my paws upon. I’m bringing it to the SnB tonight, just to show it off.

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