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FO – Mommes Lysedug, take 2

A few months ago I knit this same doily in #10 crochet cotton for my knittyboard SP5… I thought I posted pictures somewhere but they are eluding me at the moment. It being a delightful knit, I knew I had to do it again.

Pattern – Mommes Lysedug – translated version on which is apparently down this week. I got lost at about round 100 and wandered off. We’re not talking about the other mistake that isn’t really apparent but is still a mistake.

Yarn – 44/2 linen from WEBS

Needles – 1.5mm Addi circs

Finished size – pinned out to be 16″ / 40cm

(Please note that fetching a second box of pins takes Too Much Effort.)

A bit hard to figure out the gauge when there’s no solid stockinette patches more than 5 sts wide. Make a guess from this picture –

Fritty has already declared it her bed – she’s fast!

So about the hat. I finished the crochet bind off on Friday night. I have been failing to block it ever since. First blocking attempt failed spectacularly thanks to (A) a wad of plastic bags in the center not properly simulating a severed head and (B) my inability to follow the directions on the back of a box of starch. Second blocking attempt fared much better, mainly because Mom rigged up something with a foam head and mixed up the starch *properly* one morning before I fell out of bed. Current state –

Half starched stiff, other half still floppy. Will I finish blocking the brim before it’s been a full week since the bind off? Stay tuned….

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