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Amazing Lace – meet the team

Her Fruitiness and her lace smorgasbord….

(What can I say, it’s the only picture where I didn’t look like an axe murder. )

Lined up are Omega Sinfonia and J&S cobweb wool; in my arms, three hanks of laceweight and the cone of Zephyr.

The main cohort shall be Omega Sinfonia, which shall become a baby blanket for a friend.

The Sinfonia’s cousin and I were fast friends a year ago when the cousin became Cozy, but the Sinfonia family and I long ago parted ways. Our goal in the Amazing Lace is to get to know each other and to learn more about the Sinfonias. The pattern is a Sirdar leaflet; we don’t know each other very well yet but we do hope to become friends.

Also starring J&S cobweb wool, destined to be a stole with the help of Heirloom Knitting.

Clearly it is not meant to be hair decorations. The other 5 balls are in my lap but the camera did not properly account for how white I am. D’oh!

The blue HPY merino is an evil temptress; it is crying out to be knit into at least four different shawls. How it plans to do that when it’s only enough for two, we may never know. The Zephyr is a sad case, though. It started to grow into a Pi R Square shawl but suffered a horrible injury. Its goal in the Amazing Lace is to show that abandoned halfway-knit shawls still have a place in knitalongs and shall still be loved.

Finally… the aptly named Yarn Not Appearing in this Film. Sorry Karen! I’m just jealous that you’re not stalking me too!

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