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Things I have neglected to blog about

Being an easily distracted rodent, sometimes I start knitting things just to try it out, and then frog it. But over the past few months I have found myself fiddling with something and not blogging about it because it probably would be frogged… and then actually finishing it. Then what? *poof* , here’s a doily I never talked about –

I think I did that in March. I’m not sure, though, because I am apparently painfully reliant on my blog for dating these things. The doily is living in New Zealand now. The pattern came from the spiffy patterns kozmic sent me; there’s a lot to be said about them, but I shall save my doily-loving ravings for some other day after I scan in the pictures.

Then there’s Brighton Lace Doily from “Knitting for Your Home”, take two. The first time I did it was my first proper doily; it’s been living on my dresser for a year now. A few months ago I read over the pattern again and wondered… was it as annoying as I whinged then or did I just think so because it was my first proper doily?

Answer: the pattern is indeed as annoying as I initially thought. Among the columns (when the pattern is split into three columns as the book did, each round takes up seven or eight lines – not so easy to follow), the odd repeats (which are mostly to be expected because of the shape), and the multiple errors in the book, it was not an easy-to-follow doily. Where is this doily now? I have no idea. It was to be a gift for someone, but I spirited it away to someplace safe and I haven’t seen it since. D’oh.

Next up, Mommes Lysedug, take 2. I started this right after the other linen doily above was finished.

It’s quite close to the end but I believe I’ve made a mistake somewhere and what is on the needles does not match the instructions. After abandoning it for at least a month, I don’t know if I was changing something or if I’m not on the round I think I am. I’ve also made a mistake earlier in the pattern (not a blatant one!) so I am not averse to totally abandoning the pattern as written.

Finally, the most recent addition that I have so far neglected to blog. This is the lace sun hat thingie from “A Gathering of Lace”. (You’d think I’d get up and check the book , but nope.)

Several other creatures have evaded blogging so far, but most with good reason. I’ve been asked to lead a knitalong on one Yahoo group I haunt; I’m making both a scarf and a rectangular shawl so most of the interested parties can participate. Neither of them will be blogged until the knitalong officially starts in an effort to keep the KAL more civilised and all in one place. Then there’s the nefarious plotz….

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