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FO – Shetland Tea Shawl (and happy Cinco de Mayo, too!)

Note to self: pinning out 115 points takes a while, especially if there is an open chat window and I keep chatting instead of pinning. Funny how that works. Also, take a picture of shawl while still pinned instead of trying to lay it down flat again. It’s not going to work well. Where did I find an open space that big? Underneath the furniture. That’s devotion to a shawl, to actually move furniture to find a space to block it instead of laying it out on the roof like what the green circular shawl had done to it. Moving the furniture back, though… that probably won’t happen until I need an actual proper box for shipping something. I haven’t even moved that sheet yet. It has dirty laundry on it now, which means it won’t be moved until I actually do laundry – yeah, it’ll be a while.

In all its glory… the blocked Shetland Tea Shawl/ Yarntopia Couch Doily.

Pattern – Shetland Tea Shawl from “A Gathering of Lace”
Started – I ain’t looking back in the archives right now.
Finished – See previous post
Yarn – Fleece Artist Lace Silk in “Yarntopia” colour, 2 hanks with a medium-sized ball leftover
Needles – started with 2.5mm Addi Turbos; partway through changed to 2.5mm Crystal Palace Bamboo
Other notes – well, I have the corrected edition of the book, so you poor dears with the first edition… neener neener.

One thing that slightly annoys me even though the book shows it well is that in any given area between increase rounds, closer to the center it will be denser than further out. It’s the nature of the Pi Shawl and I have no idea why it annoys me, but it does. I seem to get annoyed by strange and random things. Being both, I get annoyed at myself a lot too. Whooda thunk.

Better shot of the edging, finally happy –

And a picture where the diamond pattern doesn’t look so weird… I didn’t take much time to lay the shawl out neatly as I took these pictures. Didn’t want the shawl to get used to living here, you know.

And then we were off to Yarntopia. The shawl, contrary to its “couch doily” name, quickly found a place on the table after the various residents petted it. Oh yes, the residents – the infamous Brynne was there. She probably thought I was tetched in the head. (but doesn’t everybody?) The handsome model of Cargo stopped by too! I think he’s cuter now than he was in that picture, if that’s possible.

I don’t have many loot pictures because (A) part is for a pathetically tardy swap package, (B) part is my mom’s, (C) part is for the upcoming blogaversary contest, and (D) do we really want to see the book with the swan purse again? But one thing I do have to show off… traffic light tape measure! I seem to be suffering from a measuring implement obsession. I’ll show ’em all off some other day.

In other news, Bean tagged me with a LYS meme. Still being dizzy from the fumes of a Yarntopia shopping spree makes this one slightly difficult to answer. But y’all need to check it out and answer it for yourselves – I’m always interested in reading about new and strange yarn shops. Everybody who reads this , consider yourself tagged.

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