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*dramatic gasp*

Last night Laura presented me with a gift… a novelty yarn scarf! What might have prompted this?? Here it is in all its garter stitch glory….


And even closer…

Yes. Look at all the different colours! She couldn’t tell me what yarn it is; something that Ana sent her, which reportedly came from Hotknits before that. At last the yarn has found a home. I shall treasure it for the fine piece of craftsmanship it is. And for a cat modeling picture….

Coco seems to like it, but she won’t get to wear it often. I must wear it every week to show how much I appreciate it!

Last post I said something really spiffy was going on with the shawl. For most of the shawl, the colours haven’t lined up at all. (And why would they?) At first I would yell at it. (“No, blue, don’t start yet, I’m still knitting a brown patch! Argh! And now the brown is landing on top of the red! Killkillmaim!”) Then I got used to it… when the smaller diamonds would stay as mainly a single colour, it would make me Happy, but I quit yelling. Then the edging started and I found… for most of the edging, the colours matched. Yes. Just look. A lot of the time it would come out as…

And a lot of the time it would come out the other way…

Yes, for that entire stretch the ends were brown and the middle part was pink and blue. This makes a rodent purr. Rodents purr for odd reasons. Not very often were the colours completely jumbled on the edging, though it did happen. (You probably guessed that by the picture.) When it’s all done and done, I’m a bit suprised at how well the lace shows up in the multicoloured yarn. I’m far from a convert but I ain’t going to argue with this. And if that last picture makes you suspicious… yes, I bound off the shawl. Adventures in blocking and proper FO pictures next time.

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