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Pictures that do not work

As I neared the halfway point on the edging, I thought it was a good time to take a set of pictures.

Bad idea. Half of the stitches are all on a short circular; the ends of that needle are jabbed into the ball of yarn to keep the stitches from plotting an escape. With half of a circle being stuck in one spot, is it any wonder that pictures don’t want to work? I’m not sure what I was thinking on this one.

Hi Sparky!

This one was *almost* good. But there’s that lump in the center which makes the shawl to appear to be much smaller than it actually is.

Guess the lighting was a bit off too.

This one, if you disregard the blurriness, shows the diamond pattern again. But haven’t I posted that several times before?

Yeah. Try to disregard the blurriness.

Finally I thought I’d figured out how to take pictures at this point.

Oh look, there’s a boob. Guess I didn’t figure it out so well.

Right after I took that picture, I wondered… if varigated yarn slightly obscures lace patterns, what happens if you set the camera on black&white?

Answer: it helps if are actually focused on the right thing. But doesn’t the lace look oddly spiffy? Oh well. There’s something else really spiffy going on that I’ll show when I reach 3/4. If you fail to take a picture, it doesn’t not work.

Only one of today’s pictures actually turned out decently….

Did I forget to set it back to normal pictures or did I mean to make a monochrome Freckie?

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