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This seems somehow familiar…

Remember the big honking circular shawl? Sure ya do. I mentioned a few posts back that I finally decided to pull out the edging and try again… though it’s a nice snuggly lap blanket with the edging only 4/5 of the way around, I wanted it be finally Finished. So last week I peeled off the edging, spreading the leftover stitches across several circs….

Then for the delightful task of pulling out the edging. I was very careful to do this neatly and without any tangles, winding it onto the niddy-noddy as I went… yeah, right.

Finally had the yarn all untangled and prettified. Freckie found it comfy.

Next I went on a quest for the suitable edging. Counted the stitches… recounted… wondered why they were different… recounted… went looking through “Heirloom Knitting” for an edging that matched… found one that was close enough… reworked it so it would fit the number of stitches I had… recounted to make sure they matched… vikkory!

Okay, so it doesn’t look like all that just yet. At least I know I won’t run out of yarn this time around.

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