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Y’all are amazing. Really.

I am gobsmacked at how many of y’all actually like the dinosaurs and cavepeople and that entire scene. Beverley even hunted down a car she knit and showed it off for us! And check out the critters over at Bear Toes! But what’s that white stufF? (She has a lot more critters if you poke around a bit – I fear if I poke further for direct links I’ll be sucked in for hours looking at the awesomeness.) And how many of y’all would swap for it – Sherry tried to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse (is her soul part of “whatever”? ‘cuz I could go for that!) … but no, I’m keeping it. These things are just to horrid to let proliferate. Besides, I might just want to make more of these horrid critters… maybe knit a few sandwiches and send them to unsuspecting people.

Veritas reminded me that this is not unlike the hedgehog post. If I were to show a finished doily next it would get… four comments… and I’d go on a tear about why the scraggly caveman had seven times as many comments as the doily did. So let’s not do all that again… just as well, since both doilies I’ve finished lately are gifts and I’d rather the recipients are slightly surprised instead of not very surprised. (which reminds me I should post the finished pictures of Mommes Lysedug sometime, but not today.) Or maybe I could finally post pictures of Rogue? Like I’d go out in 80 degree weather wearing a wool sweater and futz with the self-timer.

So what’s a rodent to do but continue in kind. I found the loudest ACID GREEN petroyarn I could and knit myself a dinosaur. Yes, Laura, I knit all the pieces except for the body itself in the round. Stuffing the tiny little arms proved troublesome , but it worked out better than trying to seam neatly with stuffing in there would have.

Right before I stuck the head on, I thought to myself… hey, that guy looks pretty cool headless.

Or maybe not. Sewed his head on at a jaunty little angle…

(Dinosaurs can climb trees, right?)

The two of us then went on a quest around the yard, looking for good spots. I liked the massive alien flowers –

But he didn’t appreciate being made to appear small. Then he and Coco met … she liked him so much, she kissed him! Freaky. Finally the dino got his way. Just him, showing off how special he is.

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