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As promised, progress on the double-knit socks.

You remember those, right? The two socks being knit at the same time on the same needles? Last time they were sighted they resembled this.

Last week at the SnB I finally grasped why the socks have been abandoned so often. I started them because I wondered how to cast on; after casting on and a bit of ribbing, they were set aside because I knew how to do everything. Then I wondered what sort of heel I wanted, so I picked the socks up again, figured out that a normal turned heel would be simplest, and started on the heel flap. That challenge done… set them aside again. Then I wondered how to pick up the stitches along the heel flap. Finished the heel flap, figured out how to pick up stitches without getting the two socks tangled together, stuck with the socks until the gusset decreases were done just to be sure that nothing horribly went wrong with picking up stitches… and that is where I am now.

Here’s the almost-completed heel flap. Please note two competely seperate heels on the same needles and the much-used doily in the background. If it had known it would be caught in the picture, it would’ve straightened itself up, but the doily had other things on its mind. Namely, a glass of tea.

About picking up the stitches without getting the two socks stuck together. This is another of those things that I couldn’t picture at all until I actually had it on the needles, and the moment I was there everything fell into place. (I’ve had that problem a lot throughout these socks – can’t tell if I’m stating the obvious or providing some sort of insight into stunt knitting.) But it’s just… picking up stitches… twice.

Eventually four needles were back in play. Please note the secret weapon in the background – no, not the scissors, those were just there for threatening. The other secret weapon.

About two rounds later, I wondered how I suffered through the ribbing on double-points. Then I wondered when it happened that double-points ceased to be my friend. Didn’t I used to be a DPN crusader? But knitting has gone much faster now that they’re on a circ. So they’re finally looking like a sock… a pair of them, actually.

Then (cue the ominous music) I tried them on. They’re a little loose.
Now before I started these, I’m pretty sure that I swatched. Then again, it’s quite possible that I just stuck with 48 stitches because it’s worked for my worsted weight socks before and it’s an easy number to use. (For those who care, this is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes.) Is it possible that I swatched but not in double-knitting and somehow it slipped my mind that double-knitting is a bit looser than normal knitting on the same needles? Who knows. All that matters now is what to do – rip back to the ribbing and reknit it all on smaller needles? (The ribbing is okay and I sure ain’t redoing that.) Knit the socks a bit longer than they should be and try to shrink them a little bit? (Throw a bit of danger into the stunt knitting?) Something else clever?

But now that they’re on a circ, I can do a new trick which didn’t work on double-points…

Now isn’t that special.

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