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Happy Texas Independence Day!!!

It’s been a RAKalicious week, perhaps because last post I mentioned I didn’t know if I was keeping the shawl or not. Well, sorry to break it to y’all, but I’m keeping it. So soft and warm and pettable and warm… fits in doilybag perfectly for easy totage around… minecose!

Tuesday before last Laura gave me a pack of Peeps. It’s becoming an annual tradition or some such. After devouring several on the spot, coating a couple with mustard, I promised her I’d kill the others in new and inventive ways. Yeah, about that. It had been mentioned that Marmite *must* be involved; unfortunately at the time I was out of Marmite.

And what should arrive at the start of the week but a box from my beloved Waffie Wench? Contents included a book of “hard” Sudoku, a bag of cheese waffles (a waffie by any other name would taste as artificially cheesy!), and… a BIG jar of Marmite. She knows what makes me tick, she does. Being the good rodent I am, I grab what remains of the Peeps and slather a couple with Marmite.

Proof that I did indeed eat half a Marmite Peep- wretch-o-rama. I’ve been known to suck on a fingerful of Marmite before, but the Peep/Marmite combination is simply vile. Gourd, just thinking about it… words cannot describe it… try it for yourself. Uuugggh.

After taking a bite of that monstrocity, I couldn’t bear to murder any more Peeps that way. I’m just glad that I didn’t wait until next week when she would’ve made me eat it in front of her.

Then came the box from Glittrgirl, a RAK which could only be described as gobsmacking – 200g of Jamieson & Smith cobweb weight wool.

(Zib, I do hope that’s sufficently yarnographic for you. I know how much you love tiny yarn and tiny needles!)

Sigh. How do you properly thank a person for such a gift? And if that weren’t enough, as we were chatting about what the yarn must become it became obvious that it Must become something from “Heirloom Knitting”. Must. And rather than let me be distracted by doilies, as would happen if left to my own devices, someone hatched a chat room scheme to buy “Heirloom Knitting” for me. I don’t know for certain who was in on this scheme since I wasn’t at the computer for the whole time… if one of y’all would clue me in I’d be much obliged. Glittr, Zib, Kirsti, ScottishSpinner, and mugwump seemed to be the ringleaders and chief egger-onners. Troublemakers, the lot of them.

Could the week get more RAKariffic? Of course. Today from Pam, Geeky Gourdess of the Spreadsheet came a box of biscotti!

(Disclaimer: this was addressed to “monkeemaven and mom”, partly in reply to the seeds she’s been sending lately.)

The flavours are… “blueberry pistachio and semi-sweet chocolate” … “pineapple mango papaya macadamia nut and white chocolate” … “lemon ginger cashhew and semi-sweet chocolate”… and my personal favourite, “peach macadamia nut and white chocolate”. Quite a few disappeared as soon as the box was opened, and I doubt the rest will last past the weekend.

In other news, like many fellow Olympians, I’ve been a bit aimless lately. The double-knit socks have been picked up again, though, and if I find a way to apply myself they might actually be done soon. Hopefully I’ll cobble together and entry about the progress before they’re done.

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