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The Edging of Doom

Perhaps not so doom-like; it’s just what my random image critter over on the left has right now. (Keep refreshing until you see it! So many fun images in there!)

Still in its pathetically unblocked state…

In spite of all the stitches still on the needle pulling it a bit out of shape, this thing will in fact be square. I’m not sure why somebody would suspect it wouldn’t be, but I suppose when I’m involved it never hurts to check.

An ever-so-slightly better shot of the corner… isn’t it corner-ish?

And the edging. I think I need to remove anything that has an edging repeated more than fifty times from my to-knit list. Mind… melting… into… puddle… of… goo….

My current goal is to have it blocking by Friday night. If this is actually possible, well, tune in tomorrow. Or Saturday. Whenever.

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