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Ready for the Olympics!

The appropriate pattern pages (Fir Cone Square Shawl from Folk Shawls!) have been copied and are sitting in a neat stack on the kitchen table. A ball of crochet cotton is patiently waiting for its use in the provisional cast on. The intended needles are curled up comfortably in their new needle hut and the yarn… well, I still have not made up my mind. Ever since I bought it, the black Skacel Merino Lace has screamed “Fir Cone Square Shawl!!!” at me. But the ColourmartUK cashmere… sigh… and I don’t want to run short of yarn during the Olympics of all things! So the yarn choices are…

Just by this picture, it appears as if the ColourmartUK cashmere is winning. I’m about… 87% towards picking the cashmere. Colour is “everglades”, which is apparently a greenish-greyish-something. It looks *drastically* different in the sunlight than it does indoors – probably why so much waffling before today when I took it out for the picture. Examples of how grey it looks indoors are sure to come next week if it is ultimately chosen for the shawl.

In other news, Tuesday night at the SnB I said that I probably wouldn’t have Rogue finished by next Tuesday because of the upcoming Olympics. Then that night I got to thinking… why not put my nose to the grindstone and/or the pedal to the metal – perhaps even my nose to the metal and the pedal to the grindstone – and see if I could finish Rogue by Friday morning. I’d only split the front & back on Tuesday afternoon; would it be possible to finish the whole shebang in time?

(Speaking of, y’all need to go pester Meredith. I promised her incessant annoyance or something hokey like that. )

So for the past two days I’ve been devoting myself to Rogue… and lo and behold, I could finish it in time! (Though with almost no time at the computer – I’m almost 200 somethings backed up on blogs now!) Final arm sewn on about 6 on Thursday evening… now how many days will it take to dry? Official FO post and all that coming some other day.

This leaves me with randomness again. Randomness part 5: Wordcloud thingie!

I’m so sorry Helen , why it didn’t put you on there is beyond me. How Zib made and you didn’t… let’s not think too deeply about that.

Randomness part 6: SQUIRREL!!!!!!!

Randonmess part 7: The birds!

Randomness part 8:

Fritty finding a comfortable place to nest….

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