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total randomness

The flutterbye is done and blocking – but now it’s dark out and the shawl is still a bit damp, so no pictures yet. For now… total randomness.

Randomness part 1 – I’m thinking about a quick Olympic change – instead of the Skacel Merino Lace for the Fir Cone Square Shawl using the ColourmartUK cashmere I bought a while back. Why? I don’t know if I have enough of the merino. I have about a hank and a quarter; tried to buy two but apparently the hank was sliced when the box it came in was opened. I am almost certain I still have enough to finish the shawl… but not absolutely positive. Now the ColourmartUK yarn, I know I have enough and I’ve been wanting to use it for a while… why not? I swatched a while back and found what I have is happiest on the same size needles as I already decided on for the shawl… but I don’t need to decide this for sure for another day or two.

Randomness part 2 –
I finally got my act together and made myself a needle hut. Hut? Hovel, maybe? House. A house for the needles. It took me about five days to finish the beastie, though I must admit most of the time was spent “I want to work on that but I don’t want to run over my finger! (yes, monkey, that post succesfully terrified me into being a chicken dropping about sewing. not that I needed much help on that. )

The entire plan before beginning: Seperate pouches for circular needles of each size, set up so they can be flipped up to reveal the pouch below; on the opposite side , a place for double-points and crochet hooks to stand up. Maybe a pocket for stitch markers and a tape measure. That’s all I knew when I started. A few days later and… behold! Look inside… 9 little pouches on the right, not one of which has a straight line anywhere on it. Flip up that critter on the left to see crochet hooks and double-points and other treasures. Up top is another pair of pockets closed up with Velcro – yes, that’s two seperate pockets – tape measure being behind and the pencil and mini-sharpie in front. The whole thing has a couple of layers of … well… Christmas tree skirt… in the middle to make it nice and cozy. (Mom found half a dozen of them crazycheap at a yard sale!) I plumb forgot to make a home for my scissors, but it turns out they fit in the pouches originally intended for the 3.5mm needles and the 4mm needles. If I may toot my own horn (as if this blog exists for non-horn-tooting reasons?) , I’m quite glad with how it came out in spite of my sadly lacking sewing skills.

Randomness part 3 –

Randomness part 4 –
Qeltic tagged me with a meme that’s been making the rounds. Helen tried to tag me with the same a while back ; I’m fairly certain she tagged me purely because she knew I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t do it while it was circulating one of my favourite lists, tempting as it was – on that version instead of “four bloggers you’re tagging” it had “four albums you can’t live without”. I found myself skipping straight to the bottom of all the e-mails and reading the answer to only that. So instead of following up on Qeltic’s and Helen’s tags… I’ll filch the meme Laura posted a few days ago.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they aren’t very good. But the songs must be ones that you’re enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then, tag seven other people to see what they are listening to.

If I Ever Break Your Heart – Notorious Cherry Bombs
Primitive – Neil Diamond
Affair of the Heart – Rick Springfield
The Mermaid – Great Big Sea
Constantly – Cross Canadian Ragweed
Six Foot Town – Big & Rich
Silver Moon – Michael Nesmith

What that assortment says about my musical taste, I dare not ask…

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