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No, not this flutterbye again. The Tiger Swallowtail Flutterbye! A couple weeks ago I mentioned I was starting on it… then I up and got distracted with the other shawl… but now I’m back at it, shirking my various green UFOs. This thing is quite unlike anything I’ve knit before – as the description says, it uses both different textures and all the lace to make the pattern pop out. This thing doesn’t have any k2togs or ssks – all the decreases are done in purl. And the best part? It’s all massive charts. I love charts, really I do – but something about a chart more than a hundred stitches wide makes my eyes glaze over. So a magenta sharpie has become my new best friend…

Bottom two charts are each of the points; you can see how much overlap there is on the top two charts and how long it took me to catch on. Then there’s the next chart on the right, which is from row 90 to row 180; took four pages all taped together to make that beast. It has since been thoroughly marked with a purple sharpie.

The first 90 rows, with absolutely nothing included to show the size-

And a slightly closer shot of the critter. Yep, that’s definitely “eyelets, garter and stockinette.”

(In other news – still having technical difficulties – if the blog explodes, don’t worry – it’s all under control. I meant to do that. Really.)

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