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FO – Spirit of the Southwest shawl

(10 days is less than two weeks, right?)

Pattern – Spirit of the Southwest shawl from Fibertrends
Yarn – Grignasco Regina. Near as I can tell, this stuff is almost exactly identical to Skacel Merino Lace. Both are 100 grams and both are 2/25; the Grignasco is marked as “1250 m – 1363 yards” and the Skacel as “1375 yards”. Now if that ain’t close enough for cowboy work, I’m not Neil Young. Finally… look at this. (Also your yarn porn of the day!) Do those look identical to you? Yeah. I asked Google to confirm this… it appears as if nobody cares. Huh.
Needles – 3.5mm circs
Cast on – Jan. 7
Cast off – Jan. 17

Finished the body of the shawl, save three mostly plain rows, on Saturday night… by Sunday afternoon I realised that the edging would be a breeze. The pattern called for 1200 yards of Zephyr; my 1375(ish) yard hank had plenty to spare. ) Finished the shawl late yesterday afternoon, making it right at 10 days to knit the whole thing. Nice to be able to say that, but not a feat I’d like to try again anytime soon! I covet my flittability!

Conveniently enough, Brotherling’s room is still mostly tidy from the post-boy-leaving cleaning tornado, but has not yet been refilled with random furniture and boxes of treasure. This left his room available for blocking – well isn’t that handy. For the first time, I tried blocking by running some crochet cotton through the various parts… why didn’t I try that sooner? So much easier to make everything even and takes only about 3 dozen pins. (Not like, uh, running out of pins on the last two doilies – yes, I have aquired some new pins since.) So here it is – totally unblocked – click at your own risk ; shawl blocking, with a yardstick down the center to show size. Then for the entertaining task of finding a place other than the roof to take a picture. Holy lack of contrast, Batman! Let’s try that again…

Heh heh heh. It looks like the second rabbit from the right of center is sniffing the butt of the third rabbit.

Hard to get decent details on the picture of the whole thing, ain’t it. Better shots of the corn last post and the butterflies before that. And of course there’s the rabbits and the squash blossom lace –

Those points came out pointy, eh? Could gouge somebody’s eye out!
(grumblemutter, the one day I have a post ready before 10 AM, my blog is down until late evening. yay! something something upgrade!)

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