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“… flutter in the sunlight above mountains” … who writes this stuff?

Up to row 161 on the Spirit of the Southwest shawl, hoping I can reach the goal I set myself for this shawl – two weeks. The Pacific Northwest shawl took a week for the body and a week for the edging; why should this shawl be any different? Well… uhh… today I pulled out the PNW pattern and saw… uhh… the body of the shawl has 178 rows, ending with 365 stitches. Spirit of the Southwest shawl? 202 rows, ending with 413 stitches. Am I glad I opted for smaller needles than last time! To have reached only 17 rows shy of the original goal with two days to spare gives me hope that I can finish it in time – especially since in the past six months I’ve picked up some tricks to make the edging easier – and if I don’t make it… well, it wasn’t a reasonable goal in the first place. Funny how that works.

This is what the pattern describes as “Butterflies flutter in the sunlight above mountains” – not very evenly stretched out, if I may state the obvious.

And then the rows of corn, even more unevenly stretched out. I didn’t want to add a third circ into the mix for the pictures just yet.

The corn was the most frustrating chart I’ve done in a while – the rows with “k13” or “k16” between the lacey bits would get me back into garter stitch / plain row mode, even with stitch markers in the mix. But the corn is done and gone now and I’m on the river lace… the whole thing is coming together nicely.

Random picture of laceweight for Zibi Bois’ eyes only – or anybody else who cares. I was going to do another yarn pr0n post this week… but my Elann order shipped on the 3rd is still somewhere in postal limbo… sigh. Just as well – I don’t need it distracting me!

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