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FO – Alita doily

Done been done and blocked!

Pattern – Alita
Thread – 44/2 wetspin Irish linen from WEBS
Needles – 1.5mm Addi Turbos
time to knit – a bit under 2 weeks from cast on to finish, not counting in time spent knitting other things
Finished size – about 18″ across.

Would you believe it took me four days to get from round 121 to round 130? (plus two rounds of crochet) Ayup. Look at these rounds –

Row 125: * (YO, K2TOG)x3, YO, K4, K2TOG, YO 8 times, SKP, K4, (YO, SKP)x3, YO, K1, SK2P, K1 *
Row 126: K. Knit the YO’s through the back loops.
Row 127: * (YO, K2TOG)x3, YO, K20, (YO, SKP)x3, YO, SK2P *
Row 129: ->2 stitches, * (YO, K2TOG)x2, YO, K22, (YO, SKP)x3, K1, K2TOG *
Row 130: K

Erm… have you looked at the size of the hole that EIGHT YARNOVERS would make? Egeblad had a 5-yo hole right at the end… looking at the pattern for Alita again, no way did they have “YO 8 times” in the doily. Also, if you look at the next rounds, the yarnovers weren’t knit through the back loops at all – they’re all just as open as the previous yarnovers. So I did a double yarnover instead of the eight and knit the next round normally. That leaves round 127 as “k14” instead of “k20” and round 129 as “k16” instead of “k22”.

Once off the needle, the final few rounds of the doily were completely ruffle-ey. Pinning it out was a beast – more peskerly than most doilies I’ve done lately. About halfway through the pinning I, well, gave up. I can repin all the points some other day or give the doily to somebody who will put up with it.

What leaps out at me in that picture is not the odd pinning but that little jog where the small diamonds end. Knitting those rounds I thought something was amiss but I stuck with the pattern since it didn’t have a closer shot… but seeing it now, well, if I reknit it I’d do it a bit differently. Just how, I’d have to have that round on the needles to be certain. It’s also still a bit ruffle-ey, but not near so much as when unblocked.

Now for the fun of deciding if I should give the doily to somebody… if I should pick a room for it to live in… or if I should add it to my “look what I can do!!” bag.

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