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happy gnu year

Zibi Bois orders yarn pr0n, Zibi Bois gets yarn pr0n. Such is life.
The doily has been slow going, but hopefully will be a FO by the end of the week so I can get back to whatever I was doing before starting this doily.* At round 121, I keep counting 29 stitches x 24 repeats. I don’t want to believe I have 696 stitches per round – that would take ages to knit each round, no? So behold – thread pr0n. Does this suit your fancy, Zib?

Perhaps you want to see it getting cozy with some Knitpicks laceweight?

I tried pairing it with some worsted weight yarn, but the heavier yarn was such a bully, trying to overpower this innocent 44/2 linen. Big meanie!

Linen thread and laceweight not quite your style? Uhh… ummm… how about some HPY. Edjido 160 in Capricornio… picked up two hanks of it while I was ordering a Festivus present last month. I’m not usually attracted to multicoloured yarns, but it cried to me.

Think that’s all the pr0n I can muster for today.

In other news – have you ever looked at your keyboard? Really, really looked at your keyboard? Peered between the keys, wondering what lurks beneath? I did. It wasn’t pretty. My keyboard is a beautiful creature, but what lived beneath the keys did not reflect that beauty. What’s a gal to do but pry off all the keys and take a picture. Most of that seemed to be cat hair and corn chip dust. Pretty much describes this house. A trip through the sink and the keyboard was much happier, though some of the smudges refused to come out. The real excitement came in putting the keys back on. You’d think this would be easy, all of them being lettered and numbered and such. Well… uhh… most of my keys were painted purple or blue. Just one of those things that makes sense at 2AM. So could the keys be reattatched in any order? No luck again… they have different shapes to make them fit on different rows and such. Grr. I never though I’d need to use fingernail polish remover on a keyboard. The worst part? The arrow keys. I hadn’t painted them, but they were the most troublesome to put back – they’re all… arrows. The way they’re shaped, they each have one home. They all look the same. Can’t really tell it’s wrong until it’s stuck back in place and you’re using the arrow keys for something useful and can tell it’s not the correct key. D’oh! But my keyboard is clean now. When I look between the keys, I see plastic, not… gunk.

Fritty is a bit irate that more people don’t adore her. Must be my fault for not updating her blog often enough – taking it out on me by abandoning my bed for Brotherling’s. What a traitorous wench.

* I haven’t touched the socks in a full week. Still sitting in whatever bag I took to the SnB. The chart I’m using for Pi R Square keeps disappearing, and the magazine it’s taken from slipped behind some furniture. I have not cared quite enough to fish it out yet. The green sweater which I keep failing to blog about has 13″ of body done. The end.

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