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monkeemaven got run over by a reindeer

Believe it or not, I can be a good rodent. I may spread all sorts of seditious lies about my family online, but when Mom tells me to be run over by a reindeer, by Jove, I let myself be run over by a reindeer. (Then I spread seditious lies about the whole ordeal online.) So now that’s clear – I had nothing to do with the staging of these photos. It was all her. She told me what to wear, where to sit, sit to… well, it makes sense if you say it out loud. I’m still not certain what her purpose behind all this is. In spite of me dressing up in this costume, not hiding the camera, posing as she told me to, and staying still… I had nothing to do with it.

Uhh… yeah. Remember, I had nothing to do with that. This is just reminding y’all that compared to other people in this house, I am perfectly normal.

Isn’t that disturbing.

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