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socks as boring as the hedgehogs are ugly

Looking back through the archives, it appears as if I started the first sock in May. Really. I know every time the story is retold, the start date of the first sock gets pushed back a month or so… but nope, first sock started in May and was finished in July. The second sock was soon started and abandoned until being picked up again in mid-November… do I go through this whole thing every time I post about it, thinking that it’s been so long since the last post that everybody forgot? Probably. Anyway. They’re DONE now. Done. Finished.

They’re that short because before starting the first sock of this pair, I had a rather unfortunate sock which ran out of yarn before I could finish the first… something done in Regia 6-ply. Yarn resembled this as a ball and this when knit. The jumble of yarn left was not enough to finish the first sock… still had about 2″ of toes left. D’oh! While I’m fairly certain I took a dramatic picture of the end of the yarn with my toes peeking out, just where that picture is eludes me. Or where the sock is, for that matter – I know the sock, in its pitiful unfinished state, exists somewhere in this house , but just where… who knows. Oh well. 1 ball of Regia 6-Ply does not equal a full sock with a decent cuff. (Some smartypants is just going to come through and ask why I only bought one ball in the first place. Well… uhh… I SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST HAD *ONE* SOCK FROM IT! Not 7/8th of a sock!) Not wanting to repeat that disaster, well, you saw the picture. Short cuff. Plenty of yarn left at the end. These blue socks were knit in Regia 4-ply, from a Big Honking 100g Ball. It’s big and it honks. I have no idea what the colour name or number or whatever is – just the closest thing to solid colour I could find at the yarn shop that day. They are very plain and boring, but they make my feet happy. My feet are pretty easy to please. They like even Lion Fisherman’s Wool, those silly feet.

(And yes, doily is finished, but no pictures just yet – well, look at the pattern and imagine it ending after round 89.)

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