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Grumble. Mutter. GRUMBLE.

The hedgehogs are ugly. Not brilliant or awesome or cute or adorable or wonderful. Ugly. Uneven eyes and lopsided noses… no. Not working. Doilies are perfect. All the decreases lining up to make such symmetric patterns…somehow having the perfect number of increases per round to let them lay flat, even when there are 5 or 10 or 7 or 6 or 12 repeats per round instead of a tidy 8… it’s MAGIC.

THE HEDGEHOGS ARE UGLY. Look at this guy’s nose. IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S ABOUT TO FALL OFF. And gourd, that Disco… 28 comments???

Meanwhile, the doily… that pink doily had been in various states of unfinishedness since July. JULY! The pattern is written in a form intended to drive people batty – “M.1” instead of “yo”, ” sl.1, K.2 tog., p.s.s.o.” instead of “sl1k2psso” or “sk2p”… different enough to confuse me when I’m trying to find my place at a glance, but not so flat-out bad as to make me rewrite it or chart it. The doily had been spread across skewers and taped to my door… then later nailed to the wall… and it gets FOUR COMMENTS???

No comments about seeing a sign reporting 266° F. No comments about crochet hooks not showing up until AFTER you need them. No comments on how blocking transforms things. No comments about the plywood. All the comments were about the last paragraph – either my lack of needle gauge or the plans for the next sweater.
Well, I do have a needle gauge, and I did “finish” the UFO. But it didn’t come out well… will marinate in the “what was I thinking” pile for a while. The needles are 3.25mm … that’s between 3 and 3.5, right? I started that swatch. The needles and the yarn, they were happy together. Then as I was swatching, I realised…

Am I that uncommon, to be so enamoured by doilies and so disgusted by ugly hedgehogs? The hedgehogs get SEVEN TIMES AS MANY COMMENTS as the doily. The hedgehogs are ugly. The doily is a masterpiece in #8 crochet cotton. It gets four comments. FOUR. That’s, like, 1/7th of the comments the hedgehogs had.


Should I have posted more close-ups of the stitches? I didn’t post many of those. Well, a picture from July – How did they make this part work together so perfectly??? Should I have posted a close-up of the final 8 rounds and the crochet edging? It’s truly amazing. I’d post a picture right now if the doily weren’t buried under the sort of useful things that accumulates on dressers. Or would the doily still get only four comments? Am I the only one around here who loves doilies? Well, sorta loves doilies. Loves them enough to knit them on 2.5mm needles and #10 crochet cotton, but doesn’t love them enough to use #30 crochet thread or even smaller. AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE WHO SORTA LOVES DOILIES?

I’m starting to suspect so. Fine. I’ll post about the doilies just for myself. So what if nobody else cares. I ain’t blogging to have a cultish fan following anyway – though cultish fans of mine, I do love you! You’re the best cultish fans a gal could have! The next doily is Mommes Lysedug. (Yes, has had an overhaul , with parts completely moving! Ain’t it nice? Need to update the pattern links in the other FOs….) Now it’s probably some sort of violation of Secret Pal ettiquitte to blog about things being knit for the current SP when they know who you are, but after having blogged about the first knit in password-protected posts, I’m kinda already doomed. So. Maybe this post can double as asking her if she likes this colour. (Not that I failed to save the last PM and it fell out of my knittyboard inbox…)

No steamy close-ups of the other parts just yet, though this does deserve it. Those diamond patterns (see one right where “hm” ends) were some of the most fun I’ve had knitting lately – very similar to the start of the Brighton Lace Doily.

In other news – Bean posted a fun little video, which prodded me into chasing the chickens around taking a video of them. Came back inside to find that the video was 14megabytes… no way am I uploading that on a dial-up connection! Tried the camera’s built-in video editing… completely messed up the file… already dark by the time I went back outside… so instead, a little video of Fritty. 11 seconds, 2.7 megabytes, and sorry about not pausing my CD first.

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