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FO – another pink doily!

Unseasonably warm weather shoved me out of my evil planning for my next (green!) sweater and drove me to finish the pink doily. The final few rounds were painfully boring, and the crochet bind off… oy. I know I have several crochet hooks in a nice size range – at least three #10 hooks, even! – but none would show themselves. Are they in the tatting boxes? Did they get left with knitting loot after the last doily bind off? Wherever they are, they’re not here. So the smallest I found was a D. A D!! That’s letter! Not a number! So using a too-large hook… sc 4 sts together – not so bad, except for that the center two stitches were part of a double yarnover two rows before. One or the other (usually the second/purl) wanted to leap off the hook. Written out, that would be “slip 2 stitches to hook. Try to slip third stitch to hook. Yay! if it behaves, grumblemutter if it falls down. Rummage around in the row below to find missing stitch. slip this stitch and next stitch to hook. SC all four together. Chain 11. Repeat until driven batty.”

Unblocked, the doily was very… ruffle-ey.

After the crochet edge was all finished with the too-big hook, I rummaged around for the pins… where’d they go? While looking for them… hey! a #7 crochet hook! If the crochet hook is where the pins should be, surely I’ll find the pins if I look where crochet hooks live. Yep.

When blocked….

(the pattern shows those lines pointing up too! Not a stupid blocking trick!)

Finished size – 19″ (48cm) across.
Pattern – Yarnfwd knitted lace doily
Thread – Rebekah Quick Crochet (which is #8 thread)
Needles – 2.5mm Addis , D crochet hook

Of all the threads I’ve used for doilies, I suspect this is my favourite. This makes me some sort of poser among the doily-knitting world, but I prefer how the stitches look in the heavier thread. And, you know, the two balls being $1.71 each on Hobby Lobby clearance didn’t hurt either. But the balls sure do have a lot of knots. I counted at least six on the first ball and two so far on the second.
For how much thread I had left after the first doily, I was surprised at how little was left after finishing this beastie. Looks like the rest is destined to become two or three tatted hearts. But Brighton Lace Doily, even in its “I NEED REBLOCKING!!” state, was very happy to see its sibling again. And yes, a piece of plywood was the only flat and clean surface I could find. But it’s a very nice piece of plywood!

Next on the needles – Green! Yarn calls for 3mm – 3.5mm needles… which will mean me finishing (or frogging?) a UFO. (“unfinished object” for the tourists.) That is, I hope the needles in the UFO I’m trying to finish are the right size for this yarn! Seems that the markings have worn off. Ack! It could be a 12mm needle and I’m completely oblivious to it because it’s not written on the needle!

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