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ugly hedgehogseseses

About halfway through 81st round 82nd round K.2, P.1, K.1, all around on the doily I thought to myself… Rodent, you must be joking. It looks great in the picture but is an absolute pain to knit- so far, the only way I’ve found to keep the second yarnover from falling off the needle after knitting the first yarnover is to use/abuse the Norwegian Purl. I think it’s trying to drive me crazy. Rather than be bested by a doily which will be finished less than 3000 stitches from now… I turned the ball of Bernat Disco into three ugly hedgehogs.

Yarn – Bernat Disco in Mr Brown, Red Heart Super Saver in 0336 Warm Brown, and Wal-Mart Mainstays Petroyarn in 1040 True Black. *shudder*
Pattern – Blue’s Hedgehog.
Needles – 3mm – 4mm needles. Varied by hedgehog.

Each hedgehog came out to be a different size – used 4mm needles for #1, then 3mm needles for #2, then 4mm needles + more stitches for #3. I am also apparently a bit impaired when it comes to knitting a square. Really.

Hedgehogs, being nocturnal little beasties, wouldn’t let me photograph them until it was nearly dark out. At first they were shy….

Then they came out a bit…

And then they lined up neatly.

Each has a different personality/contorted face, thanks to my lack of ability to sew on decent hedgehog faces. But when I lob them at unsuspecting people… does the face matter? All that matters is the ball of shiny eyelash yarn in midair.

Not that I’d throw hedgehogs at people.

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