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some old pictures….

When I constantly gripe about the cold-ish weather, some of you smarteypants insist that as a Texan I don’t know what cold weather is. Well… sad to say, I do. A little-known tidbit about me which I try not to mention (but do) is that I lived in Rhode Island for a few years. Sure, that’s not Canada-cold, but still enough for me to know… I HATE NEW ENGLAND COLD WEATHER! Yep. You read me right. It’s icky. And to prove it…

Winter 91/92 in Smithfield, Rhode Island. If you were there, you’d look just as horrified.

Unfortunately, Brotherling is not so smart.

You’d think he’d freeze into a boysicle and leave us all alone, but no such luck. A few years earlier he was captured in even more icky white stuff– enough to topple the fence, apparently – and he survived that, too. Those were just about the only snow pictures I could find, thankfully – Mom would NOT go out into the cold to take more pictures.

Other pictures from the photo albums… Brotherling & I trying to pass as Ben&Jerry. I don’t think we do. And do I make a convicing fairy princess?

Nah. But Brotherling does.

In spite of running away like that, I did nothing suspicious. Really.

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