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I will not kvetch about the weather.

I will not kvetch about the weather.
I will not kvetch about the weather.
I will not kvetch about the weather.
I will not kvetch about the weather.
I will not kvetch about the weather.

For lo, the 50’s are not cold. A bit irksome, perhaps, but I dare not prod some of y’all in inhumanely cold climes to “brag” about your colder weather.
I will not kvetch about the weather.

But dagnabbit it, I hate it when it’s cold enough for me to comfortably wear sweaters I knit!

Okay. Back to the mini-sweaters. The two I started the other day? Done. Do the leftovers from the backpack make the sweater look like it was knit from 4-inch pieces tied together, or does it just look scrappy?

Then last night Laura brought the KPPP left after the heart sachets… I conveniently had a #2 circ loitering in my bag and this happened.

Tried the second in seed stitch… a bit too busy, perhaps. All have cute little hangers fashioned out of the same wire which I use for stitch markers; have absolutely no idea which gauge it is, since I have so cleverly misplaced that label.

In other news, Pi Are Square looks like it’s actually getting somewhere now. Next up is to double the stitches again and knit for a hundredish rows. Doesn’t that sound like fun! I am trying not to be intimidated by the still-massive cone of Zephyr. Maybe I should’ve wound off a reasonable size ball rather than toting around the cone – then it’d look like the ball was getting smaller.

Spread out across a 40″ circ and two 27″; anyone’s guess what the current size is.
I will not use the weather as an excuse for it not being laid out neatly or the lack of something to show current size.
But it was cold outside and I didn’t want to stand around prettifying it!
So next up I need to find a handy lace pattern that will magically match the number of stitches but will still let the increases work in neatly enough, remembering that when it is worn it will all be a jumble of yarnovers and nobody will notice.

I should probably start on my SP’s final gifts, shouldn’t I, seeing as how this round “officially” ends in two weeks and it took that long for the last package to arrive… eek. Aren’t I the clever one, planning-wise.

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