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petroyarn shawl

This is the shawl Mom asked me to knit for her mom; she told me to make it like the blue KSH shawl I just finished and showed me what yarn she wanted me to use. 1000 meters later…

(yeah. 300 meters of kidsilk haze or 1000 meters of a worsted weight acrylic. I really don’t know how that works.)

I tried an edging, and it looked niceish – until I ran out of yarn. Froggity frog frog not that far! So that’s with as narrow of a knit-on edging as you can get short of it being a basic bind off… I think. For being acrylic, I almost like it. It’s lumpy, though. The parts where the yarnovers are right next to the decreases are fine; it’s where the row of decreases ain’t anywhere near the yarnovers that makes it lumpy. Don’t know if I like the lumpiness. Not sure what Mom thinks of it. I hope she likes it enough so she won’t ask me to knit the green furry version, too.

Anyway! Yesterday Michael’s had a… yarn event. Pretty much sitting around a couple of tables and knitting and/or crocheting. About a dozen people showed up. The main event? A competition for fastest knitter or crocheter. I’d really hoped to have met some good competition. No such luck. Come 2 PM… a couple of knitters on the opposite side of the table who’d been watching me refused to enter… leaving just me and one other person in the running. So the gourdess pulled out the boxes of needles and yarn… passed around the needles… let us pick a ball of yarn… and being the rodent I am, I held the needles as chopsticks and picked out a ball of yarn. This sufficently entertained the other to keep her off balance. Final score? 60 sts on #8 needles, working in stockinette for three minutes… 132 sts. The other person had 77. Mine is hardly a good time, considering how good some are, but being the second slowest at that Michael’s I scored an interesting gift basket. This, among other questionable treasures, is up for swap for anybody who can find my hoops and jump through them. Identifying what the hoops are is the hard part.

Someone I know who works at one of the Dallas-area stores said that the winner of hers knit 147 sts in three minutes. That I’d like to have seen. Fritty doesn’t care, though. She just wants to be adored.

(she threatened to leave a hairball on my bed if I didn’t post that.)

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