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knitterly distractions

Rather than actually finish the frightening petroyarn creation, I’ve started on a few mini-sweater ornaments. First is from Knitpicks Shine…

Then I thought I’d be clever , tie together the scraps from the modular felted backpack, make the sweater larger (CO 40 rather than 20), and felt it. This one isn’t going so well; don’t think I have THAT many scraps. Might rummage around for what other scraps I have; might frog this and try again with a smaller # of sts.

But until then, a mystery mohair blend version. Bought a pound of this stuff first time I went to Upstairs Studio; it’s had a great life as a variety of things and am now just finishing up the scraps.

The cats have been putting big thwarts on my attempts to sit in one place and knit. I wander away from my nest and return to find…

Yeah, very funny. Freckie’s the worst. He does not know how to share. Fritty doesn’t mind my feet next to her, but Freckie objects to me attempting to sit next to him. And he looks so sweet snoozing like that! Grumblemuttergrumble.
Now, if I were that great and mighty cone of rayon thread I bought back in April, where would I be.

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